[Genealogia de Mexico] 29886 Somos Primos August 2011 141st Online Issue


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Dear primos and friends:

The August issues includes the index to the 30 Breaking Barriers series by
Mercy Bautista-Olvera. Each month featured 5 living Latinos who have
achieved positions of prominence and responsibility in government,
business, and/or education. There are  150 concise mini-bios, with a photo.
The series was conceived to bring awareness to the facts of the many
successful Hispanics in the United States. The index provides a
marvelous, very current resource for use in the celebration of Hispanic
Heritage Month, Sept 15-Oct 15.   I hope teachers and youth leaders will
avail themselves of the Breaking Barriers series in creative ways.

With deepest appreciation to all who continue to send fascinating,
informative, thought-provoking information.  Many readers have commented on
the social diversity of items, historical, heritage, and current.  The
assortment is reflective of our community's varied heritage and history.
That is who we are, a medley!!

God bless America, Mimi

Table of Contents

United States
A typical Workday at the United Nations by Daisy Wanda Garcia
The Longoria Affair nominated for an Emmy Award
Charley Reese's FINAL column for the Orlando Sentinel..
Have we learned anything in 2,066 years?
Policy and Business Conference assesses leadership
How Educated are our State Legislators
American Latino Heritage Theme Study, “Tell America’s Story”
Thank you to Chief Justice Warren.
English Only, Please!
Gentleman of the Ring: Bert Colima

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources
 Index to 30 month series, “Hispanics Breaking Barriers” by Mercy
Bautista Olvera.
 Son of a Perez Historical Posters by Christopher Perez
 Hispanic Heritage Month Resources collected by Rafael Ojeda
 Take Action: Request Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation from your

Witness to Heritage
  Rolando Briseno's Flippin San Antonio
  San Antonio Fights for Pink House
  The Original Brown Beret Organization
  Victory for Protection of the Sogorea Te/ Glen Cove Sacred Burial
  Critican a magnate: pretende borrar historia de Plaza de los Lagartos

Persistence of the Black Legend
A Consummation devoutly to be Wished By Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

Hispanic Heritage Month
Index to the 30 month series, “Hispanics Breaking Barriers” by Mercy
Bautista Olvera.
Son of a Perez Historical Posters by Christopher Perez

Hispanic Leaders
 Victor M. Blanco  astronomer died at died at 92 years  Mar 10, 1928 –
Mar 8, 1011
 Dr Ramiro Casso, physician/ educator died at 88 years  Aug 4,1922 – Jun
 Gilbert "Magu" Lujan, artist died at 70 years,  Oct 16, 1940 – Jul 24,
 Pablo R. Lopez Sr. worker's rights activist murdered     June 22, 1943 –
Jul 9, 2011

National Issues
  Victims of homicide in Mexico, 45,000 and 53,000 since December 2006
  Mexico's Army Finds a Lot of Pot
  Heroin ring busted in U.S., Ghana
  Mexican drug cartel and Lebanese Hezbollah connect.
  Rock-Throwing Common on Border
  Border Workers Ripped Off
  Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  3 accused of arranging marriages for VISAS
  Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North

Action Item
  Compensation for discrimination claims Female or Hispanic

 About the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  Latina Style Conference, August 10, 2011 Anaheim, CA
  Comparing Wal-Mart historic accomplishment with the US Government
  Tyson Plant Drops Labor Day for Muslim Holiday
   AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce expands board

  College-bound senior wins Chevy Cruze
  El Dia del Maestro, California proclamation
   Galal "Gale" Kernahan: 1989 Dia's Padrino
   California's Day of the Teacher by Galal Kernahan, March 1985
   Promote Day of the Teacher in your community
   Pro Kids Golf Academy, Inc.
   From the Barrio Programs
   Hispanic Americans in Physics: Past, Present, and Future Conference
   Soros Fellowship for New Americans Opportunity
   7th grader Wins First National Spanish Spelling Bee
   Amazing truck opens residents to wonders of art Mobile centers
   U.S. Ed Sec Duncan Challenges Nation to make Hispanic Educational
   Parent Revolution  2nd Annual Parent Symposium. Black Parent
Initiative (BPI)
   More Hispanic students finishing high school
   Bookstore owner is Santa Ana's messenger of education, hope
   Israeli student's history project hits home

  National Association of Latino Independent Producers
  El Laboratorio de la Mascara
  Robert Lopez, composer of Tony winner, Book of Mormon Musical
  Julia Vera, Screen Actress
  Teo Gutierrez Moreno, 13 year old Argentinean actor
  Visual history of the Chican@ Legacy mosaic at UC San Diego  NEED
  Clothing company born into a world of beauty
   El Teatro Campesino: "Popol Vuh"  NEED PHOTO
   Despierta!  Awake!
   Tex/MeXplosion, Dwayne Verheyden of  Holland
   Claudia Gomez,  Argentinean Soloist
   Catherine Robles Shaw
   Journal on Latino Americans POP-9 Communications
   Ana Serrano: Salon of Beauty
   Why Latinos love Facebook
   Harry Potter: Readers Theatre Adaptation

 On a Little Flask of Water Brought from Mt. Shasta by Rafael Jesús

  Ruins of a Society and the Honorable: A Prison Story by Al Bermudez
  Books by Louis Serna
         The Alfred Dorrance Story
         The Life of Liven Serna, Famous Bearhunter of the Rayado
         Tessie Maxwell of the Maxwell Land Grant Family
  The Farmworkers' Journey by Ann Aurelia Lopez
  The Logs of the Chariot Royal, 1752~1753 by Donald E. Pusch
  Early Roads to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains by Phillip Vigil
  The Pacific Vol. One  Jay Wertz
  Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer Holland
  Muscogee Daughter, My Sojourn to the Miss America Pageant by Susan
  The National Academies Press, PDF Books Free to Download

Latino Patriots
   Guy Gabaldon, Pied Piper of Saipan
   Korean black/white War Historical Images
   Amazing WW II Rescue.
   Latinos and the Vietnam War by Fredrick/Linda Aguirre
   ACLU files remove military cross-shaped headstones
   Political correctness prevents Army from recognizing sedition

American Revolution Patriots
   27th Annual Independence Day Patriotic Ceremony
   Hispanics in the American Revolution 1775-1783 by Dr. Lino Garcia, Jr.
   Forgotten hero of the American Revolution by Wanda Garcia

Origin of The Cabeza de Baca Family in Spain by Dr. Eric Beerman, Madrid

  Frida by Rafael Jesus Gonzalez
  Salami and Chedar Chatter by Ben Romero
  Scootie by Mimi Lozano
  From tortillas to migas from Viola Rodriguez Sadler

Family History
  Chronicling America, Historic American Newspapers
  White Pages Resources, Free and includes both address and phone
  Gravestones "Oldstone TM" Rubbing Kit
  Spanish Genealogy
  Planning a Genealogy Vacation
  Dear Story Friends, March 2012 Conference

  Mayo/Yaqui of Sonora & Sinaloa, Mexico combines with Scotland/Ireland
  New Report on Maria Ines Rodriguez mtDNA
  Ines Rodriguez first wife of the founder of Monterrey is haplogroup K

Orange County, CA
  Erica Marquez, Miss Catalina Island
  The Historic Lacy Neighborhood to be Saved
  1960 to 1970 Oldies, but Goodies
  What's Happening at Libreria Martinez Books & Art Gallery?
  River of Tears, Peacemaker quilt

Los Angeles, CA
  Murals Under the Stars with Gregorio Luke
  NHCOA Promoting Communities of Success Regional Meeting
  Cruisin' Magulandia, August 13-30, 2011
  August 6, 5th Semi-Annual Tardeada Garden Party and Art Auction
  September 3, 2011: Los Angeles and San Gabriel Founder's Day
  Free Living History Tours at Rancho Los Cerritos
  Ruben Salazar Archives donated to the USC Libraries,

  California Misplaced their State Birthday for 150 Years by Galal
  Joaquin Moraga Adobe
  George C. Yount
  California Documentary Project
  Monterey County Historical Society
  Wonder Why California is Broke?

Northwestern US
  Spanish-language classes address Hispanic ancestry

Southwestern US
 YouTube – Southwest Sonoran Hot Dog Recipes
  Mexican Border Crossing information in the National Archives
  E-books by Louis Serna
  MANA, August 10-13, 2011
  Narrativas de Nuevo Mexico
  Spanish Colonials Lost Again in Census Report by Richard G. Santos

Middle America
  Would you like ‘SMO local TV shows?
   Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine
   From the Barrio to the Board Room
   Louisiana de Soto Family in 1775, quintessential 18th Century Creole
   Golden Legend in the New World: Art of the Spanish Colonial

 Tejanos in Action:
      Johnson High School Memorial Day Service
      "Felix Longoria Affair" Documentary viewing
  July 23: "Searching For Your Roots" Tejano Land Grant Movement
  August 25-27: TAMACC, New Face of Business in Texas
  Sept 29-Oct 2: 32nd Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical & Historical
  100th anniversary of San Diego, Texas augmented by Eddie Garcia

  Espadaña Press
   Archivos parroquiales de Aguascalientes: Siglo XVII
  Volume Seven of “Families of General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.”
  La Batalla del Carrizal, Chihuahua por Ricardo Raúl Palmerín Cordero
  Personajes en la Historia de Mexico por José Leóon Robles de la Torre
        Francisco Carvajal Gual
        Venustiano Carranza

  Native, Black and Latino Rural Communities National Rural Gathering
  Dawes Packets
  A Guide to Native American Studies Programs in the United States and
  Saving Our Past From the Jaws of Subdivision

 Ancient Farmers Started the First 'Green Revolution'
 Inside an ancient Mayan Tomb

 Salvadoreño rescató 15 mil judíos durante el Holocausto
  What If Jews Had Followed the Palestinian Path?

 First all Female African-American Delta Crew
 First black Americans elected to the US House and Senate

  Caribbean Heritage Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

Central & South America
  Archivo Gráfico y Museo Histórico, Argentina
  Hermógenes López ordenó traer los restos de Paez
  Bolívar abogado

  Senator Edgardo J. Angara invited to Bicentenary of First Spanish
  Spain Proclaims Gratitude for Philippines Friendship in Parliamentary
Ataques y naufragios by Angel Custodio Rebollo

  World population: . . .  Jewish 0.02% . . . .Muslim 20%
   Allah Laws above any other laws
  Sacred Destinations all over the world
  Who was the founder of Europe's oldest royal family?
  Why Muslim Demands for Headscarves Are Exaggerated
  On Geert Wilders's Acquittal
  Swiss Minaret Ban Survives Legal Challenge

 Korean War Horse
 Unexpected Friendships?

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