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Hi Primos and Friends,

Another issue jammed full of information.  Thank you all for sharing.  I really look forward to the information that I receive.  The diversity of data is always exciting, providing new insight and/or trends.

For example from the book Trespassers on Our Own Land, I was shocked to read the amounts that the US government reduced some of the New Mexico community land grants.  La Petaca in 1878 was over 186,000 acres and was reduced to 1,392.
San Joaquin del Rio de Chama, surveyed in 1878 at 470,000 acres was reduced to 1,422 acres in 1901.  These were Spanish/Mexican land grants that were suppose to be honored under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. [go to Books]

Wanda Garcia had to respond to an article that made a rather startling statement.
The writer said that the reason that Felix Longoria was not served by the city cemetery in Corpus Christi was because the Longoria family members were arguing among themselves!!!  How about that, for changing history. Go to Persistence of Black Legend in the issue and online to Longoria affair continues to be debated
by Elaine Ayala, San Antonio Express-News, January 23, 2012.

If you are looking for new and/or recommended genealogical resources, please check SomosPrimos' home page, we have updated it.  Don Garcia has compiled a an amazing collection of valuable websites. He worked on  gathering the information for three months.  Enjoy.

God bless, Mimi

 25th annual list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places
Texas lawyer Alonso S. Perales (1898-1960)
The United States of Lincoln and Juárez by José Antonio López
A moment in time, 1982 Becas Para Aztlan scholarships
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Second Volume, 6th issue by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Addy M. Villanueva, A Wise Latina Written by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Imagining Stronger Latino Communities with Philanthropy
Congressional  Reform Act of 2011
Lopez:  The War on the Poor By José Antonio López
Prof. Richard A.Tapia Awarded National Science Medal by J V. Martinez, Ph.D.
SACNAS: Devoted to Advancing Hispanics, Chicano & Native Americans in Science

PATCH: Your source for local knowledge you can't live without.
News Tidbits
Hispanic Link Report, Special 2012 Calendar of Major Events and Conferences
SAVE THE DATE: NCLR National Conference, July 7-11th

Mexican Parents in Barrio Write Letter to the Westminster Board of Education
Letter to the Westminster, CA  School District, SEPT. 8, 1944
The United States is not an Imperialist Country by Bill Bigelow
The Spanish Element in Our Nationality by Walt Whitman (1819–1892).
Time to speak out: First they ban the books by Armando Rendon

The Other Side Uncovered by Wanda Garcia
ABC Protest Continues: Puerto Ricans Demand Apology, Want New Programming

Ruth Fernandez, Puerto Rico's Female voice, has died

How plastic bottles can lighten up the darkness
Judge Judy is sending this Video to Congress
The Black Star Project
Defense department agrees to allow Muslim cadets to wear hijab
A New pipe line
It’s a shame that there are Latinos in this country that don’t speak Spanish.
Want to Support Latinos? Turn off your TV
National Institute for Latino Policy Tidbits, Jan 1, 2012
Ton of pot seized on boat; 10 held

Medicinal Plants of the Borderlands: A Bilingual Resource Guide
How Safe is Marijuana?
Data comparing Alcohol Related Deaths to Marijuana Related Deaths Annual Causes of Death in the United States, Drug War Facts:
New Fee Coming for Medical Effectiveness Research
New drugs fuel addiction fears
Armed forces tackle synthetic cannabis use
Mentally Ill Flood ER as States Cut Services
The Ultimate Medical Tourism Manual
Health Power for Minorities URL

Hispanic Zip offers you a totally different way to market to Latinos
The Economic Impact of the Landscaping and Lawn Care Services
Keep your eye on Waukesha, Wisconsin

In California, A new education bill
School Enrollment in the United States: 2010
Texas Tejano.com Announces 2011 Coloring Contest Winners!
Calif. Schools Lead the Way Preparing Next Generation of Workers: Latinos
Teachers 'expect less from black pupils than their white classmates'
Banning ethnic studies won't end idea- My cultural heritage has been outlawed.

My 2011 by Gregorio Luke
Postal Service Honors José Ferrer on 2012 Forever Stamp
Ted Williams mother was Latina.
Olor de canela en el año 2012
The Chieftains  and the San Patricios
The Intervention of Our Lady in History

Labyrinth of Solitude
Pluma Fronteriza

Trespassers on our Own Land by Mike Scarborough
Tough Trip through Paradise 1878-1879 by Andrew Garcia
Hecho en Tejas, an Anthology of Texas Mexican Literature, edited by Dagoberlo Gilb
Although War on the Gulf Coast: The Spanish Fight against William Augustus Bowles
Sofia's Awesome Tamale Day by Albert Monreal Quihuis.
Juan Dominguez de Mendoza: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest,
   1627-1693 by France V. Scholes, Eleanor B. Adams, Marc Simmons and José
    Antonio Esquibel

Military Writers Society of America
Roy Benavidez Medal of Honor Recipient
My Memories – Nick Eestavillo.
In Defense Of A Nation . . .
THE Marines Want This to Roll All over the U.S.
Honra a Nuestros Caidos / Honor Our Fallen Hispanic Heroes. 2011

Update on Galvez Film Project
The Online Home of the Granaderos y Damas de Galvez / San Antonio Texas Founding Chapter

La Familia Tobón Gónima y sus Descendietes – Enero 2012
Diccionario Heráldico y Genealógico de Apellidos Españoles y Americanos
The Surname Bobadilla: from La Rioja to Jalisco by John P. Schmal

Amando Saenz, Chapter 2 by brothers, Samuel, Tomas, and Antonio Saenz
Sandía Barata, Dulce y Colorada  by José Antonio López
We Belong by Vincent Torres
A little bit of Sysiphus by Mike Acosta

El Puerto Newspaper Recognized as Important Voice of the People
Browsing old newspapers
Do you know your neighbors? The Internet does.

Why am I the way I am? by Christopher Scott
South American and Mayan DNA discovered in Southern Appalachians DNA
Flexible adult stem cells, right there in your eye
Aboriginal Australians descend from the first humans to leave Africa

Feb 11th: Ron Gonzales SHHAR Monthly Saturday, 9 am
Feb 11th: Presidents & Patriots, Heritage Museum of Orange County, 1 pm
Feb 19th: UMAVA, Funding-raising Sunday Afternoon Dance
Map of La Placita Drawn in 1886
2012 SHHAR Calendar of monthly meetings

Jayden Alexander Ramirez, first baby born in Los Angeles
Building a Brighter Future:  California’s Disconnected Latino YouthUCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Newsletter
Resurrected Histories:Voices from the Chicano Arts Collectives of Highland Park
Occupy Chavez Ravine: The "Blue Bum" Paintings of Stephen Seemayor
Voices from the Chicano Arts Collectives of Highland Park

Historic connection between Pitcairn Island and California Families
6 Generations of Chumash Women
How the Californios Lost California
Conference of California Historical Societies, Feb 23-26th

First Hispanic on the the WA State Supreme Court
Trujillo Homesteads in Colorado Named National Historic Landmark

North America’s Largest Concave Fresco Is In NM, About Latinos
Records for Mesilla Bend Colony and More
The Land of Refuge: The Mormon Colonies in Mexico
Ethnic Studies, NOT Dismantled in Tucson, Mexican American Studies Dismantled.
New Photographic Exhibit Depicts Latino Legacy in Arizona's 100 Years

Louisiana Statehood History: A Brief Overview
Lousiana award-winning magazine is now available online.
History of the Black Eyed Pea and a New Year Tradition

State Conference . . Save the Date, October 11-14, 20121
Casa Navarro Birthday Party,  February 25th.
San Antonio Lecture Series: New Spain: political turmoil in colonial Mexico
El Puerto Newspaper Recognized as Important Voice of the People
Remembering Laredo Times Paper Carriers
Elisa sharing Genealogy discoveries of La Junta & So. west Texas  extended families
Renato Ramirez and the Tejano Monument
Be Part of History, The Unveiling of Our Tejano Monument
Ranches of Significance in Cameron County, Texas  by Norman Rozeff
Texas Land Grant Movement

Families of General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Clash of Cultures
Los Verdaderos Ancestros de Francisco I. Madero
Personajes en la historia de Mexico :Por: Jose Leon Robles de la Torre
    Manuel Ávila Camacho
    Miguel Alemán Valdés
The Three Faces of John Riley
Nuestro Grupo Anterior "Genealogia de Mexico"
El centro knight en apoyo de periodistas de Mexico

ICWA story and an Indian child reunited with her biological father!
The Salt Creek Massacre

Easter Island . . . and we thought they were only heads and shoulders.
Once Hidden by Forest, Carvings in Land Attest to Amazon’s Lost World

Fatah's Top Religious Authority Calls for Genocide of Jews

Black Chamber of Commerce behind film about the Martin Luther King, MLK memorial
Panama 2002 Black Population: App. 600,000
Three-year old music prodigy
African Origins, migration histories

Help us plan St. Augustine's 450th anniversary
First Families of Virginia, Diaz and Gonzales
Commander Michael J. Calderin
Early Spanish Mission settlement

Puerto Ricans to ABC: We are Not Drug Dealers!

Harana in the Philippines, a Personal Experience
The Verbs in Spanish, their Unique Categorization, Dynamism of  Spanish
Bill to grant Congressional Gold Medal to troops who defended Bataan during WII War
Recommended websites

Marino de Tiro, Geografo y  Cartografo por Angel Custodio Rebollo
Manuel Fraga Iribarne, founder of Spain's ruling conservative party, dies at 89
Radical Islamic Television Arrives in Spain
Musicas Militares, Spanish military music

Website for Understanding International Events
France's Teetery Effort to Reverse Creeping Islamization
A black Day For Austria
Muslims::"Saying Merry Christmas is Worse Than Killing Someone,
Muslim Mob Burns Down Ethiopian Church (with Help from Police)

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