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Somos Primos April 2015 Please cut and paste

Dear Primos, Family, and Friends:

May the beauty of the season, flowers and new life bring joy, hope and peace into each heart, as we remember with thanksgiving our many blessings. I certainly rejoice when I see evidence of pride in accomplishment and respect for our shared Hispanic/Latino heritage.

Woman’s month in March resulted in lots of Latina women being acknowledged, such as a huge, many group Mariachi concert in Los Angeles, a tribute to Linda Ronstadt.

An article “7 Powerful Latina Women Who Made Their Mark on History” by John Paul Brammer identifies some women to remember.

Also, Margarito J. Garcia III asked us to remember the bravery of Las Adelitas, the Mexican women who traveled with the Mexican army during the Mexican Revolution. A new Documentary
Rebel: Loreta Velazaquez Civil War Soldier and Spy is about a Latina in the US Civil War.

In this issue you’ll find current Latinas making a difference: Yuri Rodriguez (astronaut), Julissa Arce (Goldman Sachs analyst), Maribel Avila (restaurant manger), Sara Ines Calderon (writer/activist). Rosie Carbo (lifestyle writer), Lynn Alvarez (playwriter).

Teresa Valcarce (colonial history activist) expands her efforts to promote Spanish General, Bernardo de Galvez.

In California, many Latinas were recognized by State and US elected officials,
such as Rosa Barragan as Woman of the Year by California Assemblymember Ian Calderon. California State Senator Ben Hueso recognized Maria E. Garcia (educator/Chicano activist) as a Woman of the Year.

Sylvia Tillotson, descendent of Jose Antonio Navarro was the leadership behind the cenotaph (statue on opening page) now located prominently in the Texas State cemetery. California Tataviam Chief, Mary Cooke Garcia is remembered.

Accompanying his article on Filipinos in Romania, Eddie Calderon sent a photo of modern Filipinas enjoying an evening together in “Far Away Places.

In including all with a Spanish surname, as of some Hispanic heritage, I can say with confidence that our presence historically is all over the world. Do read the articles about the Spanish in Japan and Ireland.

Enjoy, Mimi


A Feel good story: The Army-Navy Game Train – 2014
Children of Giant by Daisy Wanda Garcia
May 22-23, 2015 Latinos in Heritage Conservation
"White colorism" exists
Perpetuated Hollywood Hispanic Images
by Ray J. de Aragon
Now in Español
15th Annual Cesar Chavez Legacy Awards
Tribal marijuana conference for tribal governments, Tulalip, Wash.
Workers’ Rights and the Right to Work by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
Avila’s El Ranchito Dishes Out Strong Family Traditions by Hannah Madans
Yari Rodriguez Could be Mars First and Only Latina to settle Mars
How an Undocumented Immigrant From Mexico Became a Star
at Goldman Sachs
7 Powerful Latina Women Who Made Their Mark on History
John Paul Brammer
Sara Ines Calderón and Voto Latino
Rancho del Sueno, Madera, California, Equine Assisted Therapy
Hispanic Marketing 101 and Calendar of Important Conferences

Art, History, & Culture: walking the streets of Spain while sketching
and listening for voices from the past by Eddie Martinez,
edited and translated in Spanish by Viola Rodriguez Sadler
Rancho del Sueno, Madera, California Offers equine assisted therapy, growth,
and learning programs
The importance of the Wilbur-Cruce Horses by Historian Caroline Baldock
Funding Proposal to Pueblo of Isleta for Sor Maria de Agreda
Latino in Heritage Conservation Summit: National Dialogue

The Privileged and Unprivileged Classes in Europe during the 18th Century
Tobacco . . . How They Got Started
Who was the first European to smoke tobacco?
Las Adelitas by Margarito J. Garcia III, Ph.D.
The Spanish Colonial Uniform Research Project
Documentary: Personal reflections on The San Patricios (1996)
The Soldiers of St. Patrick by Michael Hogan

E. A. ‘Tony’ Mares, English Emeritus May 17, 1938 – January 30, 2015
Camille Guérin-Gonzales, Historian/Educator, July 20, 1945 – Feb 24, 2015

Hometown Battlefield
Iwo-Jima 1945 Photos
Vietnam Wall, Resourcefor information
Medal of Honor Recipient Captain Ed Freeman, Nov. 20, 1927 – Aug. 20, 2008
The Hornet’s Nest and Working Wardrobes’ VetNet program
Vietnam War, 50 Years Later Giving a Voice to Latino Veterans
by Liset Marquez
Doolittle Raiders
WW II Era, PBY-5A Catalina, Strawberry 5
After Flight 77 Hit the Pentagon on 9/11, What Happened

SAR Magazine Vol. 109 No.3 online
Another Gálvez Portrait Unveiled – Pensacola
Senator Robert Menendez received Bernardo de Galvez Award
by Teresa Valcarce
Corpus Christi y Lepe by Ángel Custodio Rebollo
Texas A&M University-San Antonio: Special Collections Reading Room
SAR seeks descendants of Yuma Massacre of 1781

Descripcion del Escudo de Inclan

Anthropologist offers possible explanation for collapse
of ancient city of Teotihuacan
Anthropological Genetic Genealogy:
The Carthaginian Connection to New Mexican Families
URL: New theory on how Neanderthal dna spread in asia
URL: Quess where white Americans have the most African Ancestry

El Portal de Archivos Españoles
RootsTech 2015 Breaks Records and Keeps Giving
Availability of Records by Ethnic Groups
Researching and Finding Military Records

George I. Sanchez: The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration
by Carlos Kevin Blanton
It is not a matter of color, but numbers by Mimi Lozano
LNESC & Marathon Oil Expand Partnership for Middle School Science Corps
Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus
What’s New? The Virtual Race Across Texas . . free web game
Fifth Essay from: Colonial Spanish Texas and Other Essays
by Dr. Lino Garcia, Jr.
Extracts: Obama defunds private school vouchers for kids in Washington, D.C.
Spring Means Spanish Paella in Alamo City by Rosie Carbo
New Play, Esperanza Rising, written by Lynn Alvarez
Up For Natl Award, Poet Willie Perdomo’s Ode To El Barrio
10th Annual Bay Area Flamenco Festival

Chicano While Mormon: Activism, War, and Keeping the Faith
Ignacio M. García
When Mexicans Could Play Ball by Ignacio M. Garcia
Students of Color and the Achievement Gap: Systemic Challenges, Systemic
Transformations by Richard R. Valencia
Latinos and Latinas at Risk [2 volumes]: Issues in Education, Health,
Community, and Justice By Gabriel Gutiérrez (Editor)
Mexicans in California: Transformations and Challenges, Exploring the past,
present, and future of ethnic Mexicans in California
Edited by Ramón A. Gutiérrez and Patricia Zavella
Building Blocks for Hispanic (and Other) Millennials by Gil Narro Garcia
Share your Story with LATINA Style Magazine

Saturday April 11, 2015, SHHAR, Hispanic Pioneers and their Legacy in OC
Saturday April 18, 2015, Annual Orange County Family History Fair
"Chicano Heroes de Aztlan," Legacy and Heritage, open until April 4th
Westminster Family Resource Center Reopening Ribbon Cutting

“The House of Aragón” by Michael S. Perez, Chapter 4
‘A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt’
Rosa Barragan 2015 "Woman of the Year”
UCLA Flash Exhibits
Afro Mexicans in Early Los Angeles
UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies
Chochi the Curandero by Mike Acosta
Los Angeles Transportation Miracle by R. Champlain Johnson
Los Angeles Hank Panic of 1875 by Sandra Kay Siegel

Dominguez Rancho Adobe, California Natl Register of Historic Places, No. 152
Los Californianos supports upcoming canonization of Fray Junipero Serra
Silas Abrego, Appointed to the California State University Board of Trustees
Cattle on a Thousand Hills, The Hispanic Era by Beverly Lane
Tataviam Culture | St. Francis Dam Disaster, Rivera / Garcia Families
San Diego FP Writer Maria Garcia Honored by CA Senator Ben Hueso
History of Neighborhood House in Logan Heights:
Love and Marriage, 1940s by Maria E. Garcia
History of Neighborhood House in Logan Heights:
The Lives of Girls in Culture, by Maria E. Garcia
Tios and Tias – Herrera Family by Jerry S. Herrera
Pueblo de San Jose, 29 November 1777 by Eddie U. Garcia
National Hispanic Cultural Center, Our Penitente Land Exhibit
Update: Southwest Oral History Association Conference and Latina/o
by Miguel Juárez
The Lady in Blue . . . Clarification . . . Somos Primos March 2015 issue
Rodolfo "Corky’ Gonzales new Library in Denver Honors Chicano
Santa Fe’s Unexpected Colonial History by Tom Wall
No European could enter Texas territory without official authorization.

Oct 8-10, 2015: 36th Annual TX Hispanic Genealogical/ Historical Conference
Documenting the Legacy of Cesar Estrada Chavez, Fort Worth Exhibition
Unveiling of a cenotaph honoring José Antonio Navarro
Flags of the Texas Revolution
Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1836 : Happy 179th Birthday, Texas!
George C. Childress
March 5th, 1842 — Mexican Army captures San Antonio
April 11th: Green Flag Republic, Celebrating the First Texas Republic,
March 12th, 1836 — Falvel given command of privateer vessel, the Flash
Identifying the Alamo by José Antonio López
Preserving Early Texas History, Zapata by Jose Antonio Lopez
March 3rd, 1898 – Prominent black Texas political leaders dies
The French Connection to the Alamo
A Mexican Connection to New Orleans
Chicken in a blizzard . . . .The real America!
A true Superman: A hero takes on the Klan

‘With Malice Toward None’: Lincoln and the Jews
Projects To Honor Borinqueneers In Connecticut, On the Move by Bill Sarno
NYC schools adding 2 Muslim holidays to calendar
Phoenix Rising, From Bravo Road: A memoir By Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s black president
abolished slavery before U.S. Civil War
Fifty years after the death of Malcolm X
African Slave Trade Ships and Manifests
Whitney Plantation in Louisiana
Native Son by Richard Wright published 75 years ago
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Where "white" Americans have the highest percentage of African ancestry
Latinos and Afro-Latino Legacy in the United States:
history, culture, and issues of identity by Refugio I. Rochin, Ph.D.

Indigenous Sacred Sites Matter by Sal Baldenegro
Chief Mary Garcia, Tataviam Culture
March 16th, 1758 — Indians attack San Sabá mission
America’s First War

Synopsis: The De Riberas, Chapter Five: The Old World – Post-Iberian Spain
Popular Online Jewish Genealogy Collection Surpasses One Million Entries

Document Holds Eyewitness Account of Jesus Performing Miracle
Lost Civilizations, Found by Drones by Nicholas St. Fleur
Lost remains of ‘Don Quixote’ author found in Madrid convent
by Blathnaid Healyuk
Significant Facial Variation in Pre-Columbian-South Skulls
Altruismo, American Style: Boys/Girls Club,
Colonia Lucio Blanco, Rosarita, Baja California
Mexico Adds Two New TV Channels in Historic Move
by Anna Marie de la Fuente
Saltillo Familes Vol 15, Crispin Rendon
Charles Henry Bosdet: Modernizer of Mexico
“Poblar la frontera: La provincial de Santa Barbara en Nueva Vizcaya
siglos XVI y XXVII,”
Great Source for . . . . Arts of Colonial Mexico, Richard Perry
España en el suroeste de los EEUU, De Cabeza de Vaca a Juan de Oñate
por José Antonio Crespo-Francés

Informacion por Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret. Ricardo R. Palmerín Cordero
Un Héroe Olvidado: Tte. Corl. Don Francisco R. Moreno
Asociacion de Cronistas E Historiadores de Coahuila, A.C.
Matrimonio de Mr. Jesse Jenkiens y Da. María Antonia Gil
Matrimonio de Don Toribio de Urrutia Flores de Baldes con
Doña Ana María Farías Flores de Abrego
Matrimonio del Irlandés Don Agustín Emett con Doña Juana Peña
Matrimonio del Sr. General Don Francisco Mejía Estrada
con Doña Antonia Barragan
Familia Lambarri, ancestros de mi amigo Eduardo Bridges Nieto
y de su hermana María.
Elizondo, Padre e Hijo Muertos por los Indios

CLXVIII Aniversario Batalla de la Angostura
The Mazapil Copper Company, Ltd. Por Marco Antonio Gonzalez Galindo
REBEL: Loreta Velazquez Civil War Soldier and Spy
Extracted from: U.S.-Cuba Relations by Danielle Renwick and Brianna Lee

Some Cousins are Brillant! by Galal Kernahan
En Caique, del Algarve a Brasil por Ángel Custodio Rebollo
Honremos de corazón la memoria del Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero
por Rafael Jesús González

Filipinos in Romania by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.
Tagalog Language
Chronology of Philippine History

Mexico’s President and First Lady, Guests of British Royalty
Spain: "The Mediterranean Corridor of Jihadism" by Soeren Kern
Explorados por navegantes españoles antes que por ningún otro europeo
“La escultura de Don Juan de Oñate en El Paso, Texas"
Las antiguas Ermitas del Rocio

ISIS: The Fourth Reich By V.S. Naipaul
Jews and Ireland by Yvette Alt Miller
Japan’s ‘hidden Christians’ are the subject of a documentary
Austria’s New Law: Muslims Can No Longer Speak Arabic
– Must Speak German
For Peace, in 1784, US Considered Giving Tribute to Muslim Barbary Pirates
In Egypt, an Effort To Curb Radicalization
Animal World, Elephant and Black Lab



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