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Dear Primos and Friends:

I am sure you all enjoyed the excitement of viewing the activities of
Pope Francis in the United States. Pope Francis canonization of Father
Junipero Serra, a 1700’s Spanish missionary, was a public statement of
the Spanish in the colonization and settlement of the United States.

It is appropriate to point out that Christianity was brought to these
shores by Spanish Catholics in 1492, by Christopher Columbus, not the
pilgrims who came over a hundred years later in 1620.

There is an argument that artifacts have been found which indicate other
countries predating Columbus, such as Chinese, Celtics, and even some
Christian crusaders, etc. in reaching the United States.
However, those visitors did not leave any evidence of a colonizing and
permanent presence.

Whereas the oldest continually occupied city in the United States is St.
Augustine, which recently celebrated its 450 year old Spanish heritage.
There is historic evidence, that Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez founded
St. Augustine in 1565. Do read about the celebration under the EAST
COAST section.

Thanks to the contributions of Dr. C.A. Campos y Escalante, Marcel Gomes
Balla and Jose Antonio Crespo-Frances, this issue is full of articles,
essays, lists, etc. expanding the footprints of the Spanish explorers
throughout the world.

Our task should go beyond defending Christopher Columbus and Father
Junipero Serra, to the realization that our ancestors were remarkable.
They successfully mixed their blood all over the world. Primos, our
Spanish antepasados should be honored and admired, for the important
role they played in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the

God bless America, Mimi

Somos Primos, October 2015

La Leyenda Negra/The Black Legend and the New Millennium, "Au Jour
by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
Latinos in Heritage Conservation, LHC
"Can we all get along?" New Faculty Profile: Jorge Klor de Alva by
Fernando Quintero
Texas Day of Recognition for my father Dr. Hector P. Garcia by Daisy
Wanda Garcia
Nov 12 & 13: Latinos, the Voting Rights Act and Political Engagement
Remembering Ruben Salazar’s Life, Not Just His Death by Rosalio Muñoz
Whitewashed Adobe: Repatriation of Mexicans in the 1930s, Francisco
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Boris Yaro
History of LULAC: José Tomás Canales
Television, Stand-UP Star Paul Rodriguez Tell-All about Pitching a
Latino TV Series
Oscar Munoz, the new CEO of United Airlines
Vicki Ruiz to receive National Humanities Medal
Latino Role Models Success blog/talk/radio
Latino Census Bureau Data, September 14, 2015
Unauthorized population stable, half a decade by Jeffrey S. Passel and
D’Vera Cohn

A West Austin Journal
Precita Eyes Mural Center Fears Eviction, Enlists Help by Laura Wenus
Echoes of Incarceration
Pueblos En Movimiento – People’s in Movement

Restaurant Sign in Dallas, Texas
Vaquero Heritage by Dr. Lino Garcia, Jr.
July 31st, 1817: Pirate resigns as ruler of Galveston Island
August 26th, 1786: Provincias Internas Divided into Three Sectors
September 10th, 1770: Spanish colonizer of South Texas dies in Mexico

Rosario Anaya: Pillar of Mission Latino community dies unexpectedly by
Eva Martinez
Susan Gonzalez-Baker, former director of the Center for Mexican American

Mexican-American Heroes Denied Recognition

Un gran reconocimiento al Teniente General Gálvez, en Malaga
Presidios in the Line by Robert H. Thonhoff
Granaderos de Gálvez at History Symposium

Re-examining the Power of the Nasi Family at the Court of the Ottoman
by Stephanie
Diego Fernández de Córdoba, Marquis of Gradalcázar, Viceroy of New Spain
by John Inclan
Familia Zertuche de España a México

Trauma May Be Woven Into DNA of Native Americans by Mary Annette Pember

Descendants of Diego de Villarreal
New FamilySearch Collections Update: September 8, 2015

Latina scholar excels at Savannah State University By John Newton
Trinidad Garza Early College High School
The Million Father March Parade by Claudia Vargas
2016 Edition of The National Latino & American Indian Scholarship

Emilia Otero and the Rise of the Food Truck
How the Afro-Peruvian cajón entered flamenco by Eve A. Ma, Ph.D.
The Magic of Words in Bless Me, Ultima by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca,
Apab‟yan Tew Temoatzin Project Biography

¡Ask a Mexican! by Gustavo Arellano
Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, review by Editor Mimi
Out From Hiding: Evidences of Sephardic Roots among Latinos
By Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D.
Barrio Libre by Gilberto Rosas
The First Letter from New Spain: The Lost Petition of Cortes and His
June 20, 1519 by John Schwaller and Helen Nader
Get Your Copy of LATINA

Oct 10th: SHHAR monthly meeting, special guest speaker: Michael Perez
Jewish Roots of the Colonial Spanish Southwest
Looking ahead: SHHAR spear-heading Nov 5th: CA 1849 Constitution event
Oct 10th: Para Todos 20th Anniversary Celebration
Oct 3rd: Feria y Festival del Mariachi de Anaheim
Oct 7:1:30-3 pm Documenting 20th Century Immigrant Lives
Nov 7: Orange County Hispanic Women of the Year
Nov 21-22, 2015: American Indian Cultural Festival & 47th Annual Pow Wow

The House of Aragon by Michael S. Perez, Chapters 10 & 11
Boyle Heights History Blog
Something Different Outta Compton: A Black Teen Singing Mexican Music
by Brittny Mejia
October 11, 2015 Noche de Milonga Tangos & Boleros
October 17, 2015: Oct Feria Educativa, College and Career Fair

Descendants of Jose and Geneoveva Herrera, 75th Family Reunion
Beany’s Drive Thru – Long Beach , California – 1952-54
Appreciation Luncheon, August 9th for Neighborhood House Story Tellers
House of Mexico, Balboa Park, San Diego

Provo Mayor, John R. Curtis Visits the Museum of Mormon Mexican History
World Congress of Families IX in Salt Lake City
FamilySearch opens a new Seattle Family Discovery Center

The Southwest Experience by Eduardo Rosenstock Arechabala Alcantar
Brief History of Mora, Part 2 of 3 by Louis F. Serna
FNS Photo Essay: Our Border 2015: Juarez Summer

Oct 24: Celebrating the Life of a True Texas Hero: Col. Juan N. Seguin
Texas Mounted Arms in the Civil War (Part I) by Nathan Jennings
Montemayor Family Tree – Facebook Group
1719 Church Death Record of Blas de la Garza in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon,

‘We’re forgotten’: Outside New Orleans, Gulf eats away at entire
coastal towns, residents’ livelihoods

Ceremonia del Congreso Continental de las Hijas de la Revolucion
September 18, 2015, El Rey Felipe VI y la Reina Letiza visited St.
Catholic Spies in the New World? Relics Pose New Puzzle about Early
Colony by Josh Fischman
La Ciudad donde nacio Mateo Sartucha, origen de familas Zertuche

Rosenwald Film Opens Nationally
Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic and Preservation at Maryland Rosenwald
Tony Gleaton, African American photographer, scholar, and artist

Native American Research: The Indian Tribes of North America
Fight the Power: 100 Heroes of Native Resistance, Women Warriors
by Vincent Schilling
Indian Conquistadors: Indigenous Allies in the Conquest of Mesoamerica
edited by Laura E. Matthew and Michael Oudijk
Rostros Tarahumaras por Carlito Rangel

New Surgery from Israel: The Operating Room of the Future
Out From Hiding by Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D.
A Silent Story Of History
‘Israel is a miracle’

Mission San Luis, Tallahassee, Florida
"Tzompantli" Racks found in Templo Major in Mexico City
Bolivia:Three skulls found near Lake Titi-caca

Los 83 Pueblos Mágicos de México
From gangsters to Mexico mural artists
Mapa of Mexico with links to each state and information for that state.
Referencia de historia de las culturas americanas antiguas y su
Diego Fernandez de Cordoba, Marquis of Gudalcazar, Viceroy of New Spain
Familia Lutzelberger de Hildburghausen, Shmalkalden y Meiningen,
Defunción de Doña María Francisca Sanchez de la Chica
Asunto: II Coloquio de Genealogía e Historia de la Familia

Cuba to Free 3,522 Prisoners Ahead of Pope Francis’s Visit
By Jonathan Watts

Casa de Aliaga, Oldest house in the Americas
The Last Piston-Engine Dogfights
Chilean Student Discovers New Planet Orbiting Giant Star
The Rubber Thief of Brazil by Shannon Sims
Boletín de Genealogias Colombíanas, Editor: Luis Álvaro Gallo Martínez

Filipino American Republican Anna Lopez Brosche defeated incumbent
Gender Equality by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.

Virreyes no peninsulares en América
Las 25 Universidades que España Fundó en América
Españoles Olvidados, Gonzalo Bayón o Gayón, piloto asturiano en la
Cape Verde Islands ancestry connects to Spain, Hispanics, Native
Cape Verdean history brought home
Cape Verdeans: The Forgotten Hawaiians by Ian Joaquin Freitas

Treaty of Tordesillas
Importance of Cabo Verde
La Embajada de Hasekura (1613-1620) "Año de España en Japón"
y un "Año de Japón en España" En los años 2013 y 2014
While Europe takes the burden of the migrant crisis by Paul Joseph



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