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Dear Primos, Friends, and Family:

The month of November, a wonderful reminder about what is important in
life: family and friends. If we are also enjoying good health, we are
indeed blessed.

This year, I have even more reasons to be grateful; an important west
coast heritage project has successfully come together and resulted in a
Unit of Study which will enlarge historic understanding of the
Spanish/Mexican colonizers in a more positive, inclusive manner.

Historically, the interrelationships between the early California native
tribes and the Spanish colonizers in California has not been presented
with respect for both sides.

Demeaning the natives and demonizing the Spanish clearly reinforced the
American Manifest Destiny perspective of California as an uncivilized
wilderness in need and deserving of invasion.

Debuting November 5th at an event at the Heritage Museum of Orange
County is a 4th Grade Unit of Study prepared by Santa Ana Unified School
District, CA, Common Core Curriculum specialists, Marta Moyer and
Jennifer Wood:

California Bilingual Constitution, 1849.

Big Idea (Enduring Understanding) : This is the goal . .
Native Californians, Californios, and newly arriving immigrants joined
together in giving structure and shape to California.
Essential Questions: Children will be discussing . . .
1. Prior to the 1850s, why did CA attract a diverse population?
2. How did internal and external factors affect the culture and
economics of CA?
3. How were the contributions of the Spanish and Mexican people
validated in the creation of the CA Constitution?

Among other discussions, the unit includes the traditional
Spanish/Mexican laws observing women’s legal and property, and
anti-slave laws which proceeded those of the United Sates.

As you know Somos Primos is divided by location and subject to
facilitate speed reading for busy readers. Although the Unit of Study,
California Bilingual Constitution, 1849 is about California history, the
its coastal location, and the presence of gold profoundly affected U.S.
the westward movement, California and its people need to be understood.

For too long the East Coast perspective of the building of our nation
has dominated the general sentiments. Our ancestor’s contributions have
been ignored. It is needful for their contributions to be honored. I
am thankful to be able to say that this Unit of Study moves in that

Read more about how the Unit was developed, who is responsible, and
about the November 5th meeting in California. If you have primos and
friends who live in Southern California, they may want to attend.

God bless America, and enjoy the activism of your primos.


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Nov 5th: Remembering California’s Bilingual Constitution
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Nov 7th: 2015 LULAC Orange County Eight Hispanic Women of the Year
Nov 14th: SHHAR: Margie de la Torre Aguirre, Origins of LULAC, Initial
Cause for Involvement in Orange County & LULAC’s Relevance Today
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Flame Extinguished
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Fort Moore gets a special visitor by Marilyn Mills
Chicano Moratorium Panel was Held October 20
L.A. River Habitat Restoration by Lucy Guanuna
History of Olvera Street grapevines

Nov 4 and Nov 10: Paul Espinosa Film Series
Nov 9: Spain, Our Forgotten Ally in the American Revolutionary War
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Del Día de la Raza y el mes de la Hispanidad, San Diego
The Plan de Santa Bárbara and the take-over of Chicano Park, San Diego
Mike Acosta and Others’ Childhood Memories, through the Southwest,
between 1940-1970s

Alma L. Pond Mormon – Mexican Missionary
Trailblazers – Faustino Gracia Almaguer 1880-19??
A Crash Course on Mormon Cursing

The Lady in Blue, Sor Maria Jesus de Agreda
Billy the Kid and Family Memories by Ray John de Aragon
A Little California History . . . Big Surprise ending
Some Early Mora, New Mexico History: Chapters 10-12 by Louis F. Serna
Memorial Crosses Along Tijuana-San Diego Border
The Deportation of Innocence
The Refusal of Carmelita Torres
Chihuahua: King of NAFTA Chile

36th TX State Hispanic Genealogical & Historical Conference
Oct 2nd, 1835 – Texas Revolution begins at Gonzales
Oct 13th, 1845 — Voters overwhelmingly approve annexation
Some History of the Gutierrez Family in Cameron County
and Later Harlingen Compiled by Norman Rozeff
Sembradores de Aztlan Oral History Project
Henri Castro: Empresario colonization of the Republic of Texas
Foot and Wagon Bridge, Laredo, Texas, 1899
Guerrero Viejo (Tamaulipas) in the 1980s and 1990s by Gilberto Quezada
Preserving Early Texas History, September 23, Lardo Rotary Club
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Oklahoma Black board from 100 years ago…

Girl breaks security barrier, hands Pope Francis letter
The 40th Anniversary National Meeting of the Granaderos y Damas de
held in Washington D.C. Oct -9/10th
September 8, 1565 founding of the San Agustín de la Florida.
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Mexican site yields new details of sacrifice of Spaniards
Legends & Myths of the Popol-Vuh by Carlotta Giangualano
Why Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee
Blood? The history of a myth by Gregory D. Smithers

Michael S. Perez and his new Yamaka, SHHAR
Jewish Roots of the Colonial Spanish Southwest
Rediscover your Hebrew roots with the Illuminated Torah:
Read God’s Word in Hebrew and English
Israel’s memorial to 9/11
Sephardic Hispanic Heritage: 13 Facts About ‘Latino Jews’
Portugal Granting Citizenship to Exiled Sephardic Jews
Sephardic Jews in Galitzian Poland and Environs
The End of Yemen’s Jews
Shanghai Jewish Ghetto

Vast replica recreates prehistoric Chauvet cave

Colonial church emerges from falling Mexican reservoir
Antonio Guerrero Aguilar Presentation, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Spain is no longer the center of the Spanish culture
Networking & outreach: Sociedad Genealógica y de Historia Familiar de
Tree murals in Colonial Mexican Art
The Tiled Churches of Puebla: San Francisco
169th Aniversario de la Batalla de Monterrey de 1846
Al santo de la paz y la alegría: San Francisco de Asís
Sabina Loghin: Romanian immigrant to hybrid artist by Luisa Muniz
Matrimonio del Peninsular Don Julio Carabaza y Doña Cristina Ruby
Families of Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Volume Five
Bautismo de María Luisa Saturnina
Hidalgo Y Los Insurgentes en la Provincia de Coahuila
El matrimonio de Valentín E. Wynter y Clotilde González
Acta de defunción del General Francisco Villa
El Dr. Brooks
II Coloquio, Genealogía e Historia de la Familia efectuado en
On the Bacon Trail, Fighting for an Education by Rodolfo F. Acuña

Las Raíces de la Conquista de México

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupting
La India Catalina: Indian Princess, caught between two cultures.
Flora Tristán boarded Le Mexicain on April 7, 1833
Two Indigenous Solar Engineers Changed Their Village in Chile By
Marianela Jarroud

Gender Equality, Part 2: by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Employment Opportunity in the World, the Case of Filipino Nurses By
Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Joseph L. Bautista
US to Protect Child Farmworkers From Pesticides

La historia en el cine
El Mirador Espagnol
Orígenes de la Leyenda Negra
Fuente: "El Arcón de la Historia de España"
El Mirador Espagnol
Orígenes de la Leyenda Negra
Fuente: "El Arcón de la Historia de España"
El monolito de las cabezas cortadas de Dingle
El secreto catalán de Moctezuma:
El linaje de Moctezuma por Jordi Soler

Christians being attacked in German’s Sharia Refugee Shelters by Soeren
The 43: Story of How UK Jews Fought a Wave of Post-War Anti-Semitism by
Cahal Milmo
The "Islamic Inquisition" and the Blasphemy Police
Chamorro, native language of Guam and Northern Mariana Islands.
Exploraciones ibericas Publicaciones de la Hakluyt Society de Londres




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