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Dear Arturo . . that you for sharing. Hopefully it will increase networking between the Mexico and the US. God bless, Mimi

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Dear Friends and Primos:

With so much talk about the importance of the Hispanic/Latino vote in
the upcoming election, our presence still seems to be somewhat
invisible, historically and currently.

There are several articles on that subject under United States. Also,
on the subject of invisibility, don’t miss, the two articles, El
Vaquero: Missing in US History written by Joe Lopez.

The heritage project, The Spanish Presence in Americas Roots, SPAR is
moving forward. I am serving as CEO, Co-chaired by Judge Edward Butler.
We will soon have a website in place. We are trying to prove the
historic presence of our antepasados in the history of the United States
and the Americas.

Have you had your DNA done? Do you have indigenous markers? SPAR would
love to hear from you. My maternal mitochondrial DNA is indigenous, plus
I also have indigenous lines on my paternal side. SPAR would like to
prove that we with southwestern Mexican heritage are living proof that
the early history and foundation of the United States was formed
primarily by families of mixed southern Europeans and indigenous

SPAR welcomes interest, support, and involvement of any nature, a
paragraph, a sentence, or a family story which emphasizes the fact of
your mixed heritage would be very welcomed. If you have questions,
comments, please email or call me: Thank you for caring that our story
be told.

Warmly, Mimi Lozano

Somos Primos MARCH 2016 Table of Contents
Estados Unidos le debe todo a España
Smithsonian Omits Hispanics In U.S. History Exhibit by Miguel Perez
Smithsonian Internships Available for Latino Museum Specialization
The Missing Hispanic in the U.S. Census Count by Felipe de Ortego y
Cartoon: Difference between Latino and Hispanic
by Terry Blas”
Latinos in Hollywood: New Study Finds, Few Roles, Frequent Stereotypes

Boy Turns TV Winnings into Funds for Mariachi Program
Beckman High student, Andrea Lopez, perfect AP score Spanish, one of 55
Where Are the Minority Professors? by Ben Myers
Storycorps: True to Their Words, students perform play of parents/
grandparents experiences
The Latino Guide to Creating Family Histories by Dr. Julian Nava
View from the Pier by Herman Sillas

Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program 1942-1964
Tras Años De Espera
Mariachi opera about 1950s labor camp in Oxnard, California is a big hit
by Alicia Doyle
Salinas hope to turn farm workers’ children into computer scientists by
Geoffrey Mohan,
Proyecta 100,000 to Expand Economic Opportunities for U.S. and Mexican
by Felipe de Orgego y Gasca
A Plan’ to help SAVE Dr. Hector P. Garcia Center
February 17th, 1929 — LULAC founded

San Bernardino, California County Board of Supervisor official wants to
Arm county workers
Oklahoma Legalizes Arming Teachers and Staff on School Campuses
States Renew Push for Guns in Schools
More states allowing armed school staff
University of California, Irvine’s Black Student Union asks to abolish
campus police
Homeland Security produces first estimate of foreign visitors to U.S.
who overstay deadline to leave

Vaquero – A Proud Tradition by Jose Antonio Lopez
Vaquero, A South Texas Legacy by Jose Antonio Lopez
The Spanish Presence in Americas Roots

Ethnic Studies Now!
Heritage Discovery Center
Runners’ Club, Political activism
Chicano Week, February 2-8th
The Point of Chicano History Week is as a Commemorative

February 10th, 1721 — French castaway reaches Natchitoches
February 2nd, 1874 – – Ursuline Academy Founded in Dallas

Francisco X. Alarcón, Poet
Silvia “Mamacoatl” Parra, Musician, Poet, Healer
Dr. Juan Francisco Lara, Educator, Activist
Peter Quezada, Attorney, Activist

National Hispanic Vietnam Veterans Memorial Clean-up Day in Los Angeles
Post Card from Navy Commander (retired) Everett Alvarez, jr.
First Cavalry Division Airmobile, 2/7 D Company

The American Revolution was a World War by Hon. Judge F. Butler
Spain – USA
Bernardo de Galvez Award
Krueger Middle School Fife & Drum Corps
2016 Conference on Bernardo de Gálvez and Independence of the
United States
Gálvez Opera Project
The Powder that Saved Fort Pitt by Joe Perez

Don Juan Pablo Grijalva, Santa Ana, California History by Eddie

We Are Cousins DNA Project
Las Villas del Norte Genealogical Group, Mission, Texas
Female mtDNA Descendants of Isabel OLEA
Could Thomas Jefferson’s DNA Trail Reveal Middle-Eastern Origins?

September 15-17th: Research trip to Salt Lake, all invited
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy by Andrea Davis
Highly recommended by high school student, Bailey Jansen
Freedmen’s Bureau, More Than One Million Records Transcribed
Family History in the Newspaper by Kimberly Powell
St. Liberta, St. Quiteria and their Seven Sisters, Novtruplets by
Refugio Fernandez

LEAD Summitt VII Conference, March 30, 2016
Ethnic Studies Curriculum
Fr. Patrick S. Guillen, Chicano Priest & Co-Founder of Libreria Del
LEAD Summit VII Honorary Chair/Padrino de Honor
Inclusion of ethnic studies on ninth-graders
Ticket to Tomorrow; College and Hispanics Have Health, Wealth and Time
On Their Side
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

With No Museum, Thousands Of Mexican Instruments Pile Into This
Gregorio Luke’s 2015 Year . . . Won the Lorenzo Il Magnifico medal by
the Florence Biennale,
Rodriguez received gold record recognition in The Netherlands from Sony
Barbie now in more shapes, colors
Latino Mythology Meets Hip Hop in ‘Guardians of Infinity #3’
Riverbabble, a journal of short fiction, poetry, criticism
Zoot Suit Articles

Doing the Public Good: Latina/o Scholars Engage Civic Participation
by Editors: Kenneth P. Gonzalez & Raymond V. Padilla
Sofia’ Life by Lucas C. Jasso
How to Write Stories to be Proud Of by Linda LaRoche
America’s Christian History by Gary Demar
Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest by Matthew Restall

March 12, SHHAR, John Schmal, “Journey to Latino Representation”
March 13, 2016, Dr. Juan Francisco Lara: A Celebrated Life
Civil rights activist Lorenzo A. Ramirez honored with sculpture at
Santiago Canyon College
Anaheim students cash in on opportunity
The 2016 NHBWA Southern California Educational Scholarship
Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble: Placas, the Most Dangerous
Grand parents, Ricardo Thompson Arechabala and Florentina Coronel
by Eduardo Arechabala Alcantar

The Boyle Heights of Los Angeles area in the 1940s
In pursuit of Zoot, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Search for an Authentic Zoot Suit
Nineteen Articles on the History of the Zoot Suit
Kind Memory by Ben Alvillar

Weaving a Connection by Erin Donnelly
SF Mission Artists Sew Blankets for the Homeless

Seattle, Washington, City Councilmember, Attorney Lorena González
Seattle, Washington, City Councilmember, Attorney Debora Juarez

Saturday Salon and Saloon Lecture Series, Historical Tucson/Sonora
J. Paul Taylor and family
His Casa, Our Casa by Peter BG Shoemaker
Presidio San Agustin Del Tucson
La Posada Providencia!
Museum exhibit explores border’s bloody past
Refusing to Forget Project

March 8, 2016 TCARA Meeting: Speaker Gary Foreman, Award winning
The Treasons of United States General, James Wilkinson
February 8th, 1830 — Last Franciscan in early Texas relinquishes
The Battle of Laredo and Personal Memories by J. Gilberto Quezada
San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy
An Update on the DRT’s Fight to Keep Its Library Collection and Archives
From the DRT Library: An Invitation to Governor Sam Houston’s 1859
Inaugural Ball
Have you heard about the new Texas Talks series?
Photos show life on Texas migrant camps in the 1940s

What They Found Inside The Sunken Remains of A 150-Year-Old Steamboat Is
Still Edible

Oh, my Papa, to me he was so wonderful” Joe Sanchez
19th New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival
March 19: “Fortress of Freedom” The Founding of Fort Mose, St.
Augustine, Florida
Flight to Freedom event, February 11-13, 2016 Fort Mose,
Capitan General y Primer Gobernador de Florida
La conquista del Oeste: El legado histórico olvidado por España

First Muslim Woman Judge Carolyn Walker
Jose LaCrosby, stylist to the stars, entrepreneur extraordinaire
Rosenwald schools Restorations Continue
National Museum of African American History and Culture

Disenrollment leaves Natives “culturally homeless”
February 16th, 1599 – Lone Survivor of Bonilla Expedition Found

Five Fascinating Facts about Jews in India
Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Harry Edward Stein Colonel, Web Master of Sephardim.com
The Spanish Inquisition to the Present: A Search for Jewish Roots

Sleuth finds a lost Spanish settlement in Florida Panhandle
How our Ancestors could have Killed off the Neanderthals

José Doroteo Arango, also known as . . Pancho Villa by Gilberto Quezada
Soldadera: TheTiny Things They Carried by Moises Medina
Frank Galvan’s 1913 Escape from the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917

Museo de Antropología de Cuernavaca Palacio de Hernán Cortés.
The use of indigenous languages in Mass celebrations to be approved by
Pope Francis.
Todos estos personajes entraron a Nueva España por Veracruz

My Birth and World War II by Cirenio A. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Sociedad de Genealogìa de Nuevo Leòn, el dìa 21 de Enero
1637 Mapa de Nueva Espana, Nueva Espana, Nueva Galicia y Nueva Vuzcaya
Bautismo del niño: Pedro, Josè Marìa, Juan Nepomuceno, Pasqual Bailòn,
Romero de Terreros.
Bautismo Linares, N.L. de los hermanos Josè (1891) y Francisco (1892)
Benitez Martinez.
Segundo matrimonio del Lic. Don Carlos Marìa de Bustamante
Matrimonio del Alferez Don Rafael Ugartechea y Doña Concepción Lozano
Matrimonio de Don Benito Lombardi y Doña Eulojina Richard, 27 Diciembre
Matrimonio de Don Guillermo Donovans y Da. Marìa Antonia Dominguez
Acta de Independencia de Mexico: Descripción del texto y reconocimiento
de las firmas

A Map of Terra Firma Guiana and the Antilles Islands
A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution:
How the Working Class Shaped the Guerrillas’ Victory

Eve A. Ma . . . . Filmmaker in Search of Her Subject, part #2
Colombian Dentists Bite Into Dental Travel Trend by Rosie Carbo
How indigenous wealth is changing Bolivian architecture

Francisco Velarde y Mercado founded Panama in 1597

A Friendly Country for English Speakers and the Philippines in the World
Foreword by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
The Diminutive, Endearing, & Affectionate Terms in Spanish,
by Eddie AAA Calderon, P Ph.D.
The Romance Language by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.

Spain offering citizenship to kin of those who fled Inquisition
Singladuras por la historia naval



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