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Dear Primos:

You will find in the April issue of Somos Primos eleven articles with
DNA information. I think you will conclude that those of us in the
Americas with Spanish heritage, connect with every racial and cultural
group in the world. Wonderful to observe that many Latinos have being
moved, inspired, and directed to search out family roots. We now have
physical proof through DNA of those some time surprising global
connections, however, evidence that we all . . . . really are connected.

Once we are convinced of our brotherhood, the next step is forgiveness
of historic injustices, and then work together to solve current
problems, instead of "cursing the past".

An example of a historic event whose purpose is increased understanding:
April 16, 1803, the Battle of the Bay of San Diego in California.

In 1803 California was under the governance of Spain. Spanish soldiers
were stationed at Fort Guijarros on Coronado North Island. Spain was
attempting to keep foreign ships sailing in the Pacific Ocean, from
landing on the California coast.

The Anniversary of the Battle of San Diego Bay, remembers a historic
event in which an English-speaking crew was attempting to engage in
smuggling. History is clarified, the Spanish presence acknowledged, and
historic adversaries joined together to present the past in unity.
Collaboration between the U.S. Navy and Spanish representatives from the
Casa de Espana is mounting the 213th event. [Included under California
in the issue.]

I am convinced that as more of the general public becomes aware of the
early Spanish presence in the building of the United States, more unity
will result.

God bless America, Mimi

Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States by Felipe
U.S. now the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking nation
“La leyenda negra en Alemania y los Países Bajos. El patio trasero
Hispanic Texans: Journey from Empire to Democracy
Latino Americans, Shared Orange Heritage

Latino Museum Studies Program
Mixed Marriages Causing US: Hispanics, Asians to Integrate Faster by
Dora Mekouar
DNA Sharing by Somos Primos readers
The Challenge that Chicanada face

Brad Pitt is joining Disney to tell the story of Dr. Alfredo
Jovita Idar: Journalism Pioneer
Alicia Dickerson Montemayor, civil rights activist
G.I. Forum, LULAC Protest "Whites Only" Normanna Cemetery

Six Young Women Help Launch NCLR “Entre Mujeres” Program
U.S. National Anthem sung by 500 students in Kentucky high-rise hotel.
Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – NumbersUSA.com
Real time U.S. Government spending clock.

Meet the Charro Mexican Cowboys Fighting to Save the Lost Art and
Traditions of Mexican
Horsemanship by Antonio Gomez
Texas Connection to the American Revolution, March 2, Meeting,
Topic: SPAR, Spanish Presence in Americas Roots
Colonial collection of the Durango municipal archive online

NPR Latino USA
March 19th, 1697: Spanish priest and chronicler of Texas enters
Franciscan order
Gaspar de Portola de California, Olivdado
Países que pertenecieron a "México" (Nueva España)

Dr. Miguel Encinias: Combat Aviator, April 8th, 1923 – February 20,
Jose Garcia Pantoja: Paleographer, November 1, 1927 – March 15, 2016
Sgt. Rudy Garcia: President, LA Chapter, 11th Airborne Division Assn.
March 8, 2016
Daniel James Ramos: Social and Political Activist October 11, 1945 to
March 11, 2016.

Santiago Erevia, Medal of Honor Recipient passed away
Vietnam POWs . . . . 40 years later
My Friend, Eugene (Gene) Treasrau by Jose M. Pena
Living Through the Tet Offensive by Jose M. Pena

April 2, 2016: Symposium in Honor of Bernardo de Galvez, Rice
University, Houston
Albert Seguin Gonzales receives the Sam Houston Award
The ‘Other’ European Ally of the Continental Army, Part 1 of 3 by Hon.
Edward F. Butler, Sr.

Juan and Vicente de Zaldivar, The Nephews by Richard Flint and Shirley
Cushing Flint
Descendants of Joseph "Jose" de Urrutia, Juana de Dios de Urrutia, and
Ignacio Gonzalez Ynclan

[DNA] Chromosomes, Genes and Inheritance 101
[DNA] The majority of people in the British Isles are actually descended
from the Spanish
[DNA] Oldest ever human genome sequence may rewrite human history
[DNA] The Races of Humanity by Richard McCulloch

Create a Family Keepstake
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Diccionario de Abreviaturas
Vast FamilySearch.org Collection of Mexico Ancestor Records Continues to

Growing Critically Conscious Teachers by Angela Valenzuela
Dr. Cirenio Rodriguez shares life experiences that shaped him
Latino Role Models Success

Television host Johnny Canales to receive his own star on the Las Vegas
Walk of Stars
The Mexican Revolution Corridas, 1910-1920
Nopal en La Frente by Cirenio A. Rodriguez
Film: Who am I? Wisdom from the Bones, featuring Author/Poet Luis Javier

Latino Reads, Inspiring Conversations ~ Great Authors & Leaders
Daily Good News that Inspires
Libros para Latinos: Int’l Latino Book Awards
Somos en Escritos
Boulder County Latino History Project
Raza Rising, Chicanos in North Texas by Richard J. Gonzales
We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century

April 9th: SHHAR, Dr. Vicki Ruiz, "Empire of Dreams"
April 16th: A Story to Tell: Family History Fair!
Cesar Chavez Sculpture Installation at Santiago Canyon College
The Education of Mexican Education of Mexican Students in Orange County
by Simon Ludwig Treff
Saturday Hours Planned for Orange County Courthouses
Sara Guerrero is OC Theater’s Breath of Fire

East LA, Ellis Island of the West by Mike Acosta
The House of Aragon, Chapter 17: The Death of the Old Warrior by Michael
S. Perez
One: Mind, Body, Spirit . . Mujeres de Maiz
19th Annual International Women’s Day and Women’s Herstory Month
Jessica Alba’s Mexican Roots
Pecans and Migrant students by Ray Padilla
Student Activist by Cirenio Rodriguez

Southern California
Saturday April 16th, 213th Anniversary of the Battle of San Diego Bay.
Time to put Balboa on a pedestal by Logan Jenkins
Tracing America’s borderlands history along the Anza Trail
Northern California
Tapia, California Family Pride by Lorraine Ruiz Frain
Felipa Yorba Farias born 1871
Life at Harney Lane by Cirenio A. Rodriguez
April 23: La Purisima Mission State Park, Sheep Shearing Day
Baja California
Baja California

Attempting to Capture the magnitude of the Grand Canyon
Pioneer Families of the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson, 1775-1856 by J.
Homer Thiel
Tucson Presidio Museum
Tracing America’s borderlands history along the Anza Trail
Damaris Giron, Researcher in Ciudad Juarez

April 2-3, 2016, Team TSHA
On this Day in Texas
First Civil Government in Texas and Alcaldes of San Antonio, from 1731
to 1836 by Rueben M. Perez
Texas declares independence from Mexico, March 2nd, 1836
Mexican Army captures San Antonio; Republic of Texas totters, March 5th,
April 9: San Jacinto Symposium: African-Americans in Texas History
Canary Islands Descendants Association, March 9, 1731
180th anniversary of Texas Independence
Dedication of Historic Santo Nino Cemetery in Duval County
Drama & Conflict: The Texas Saga of 1776, co-authors, Robert S. Weddle
and Robert H. Thonhoff
Original Land Grantees and groups of their descendants

Nazi submarine discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario. 3/8/16

April 13, 2016: Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony in
Washington D.C.

Black Students Who Are Taught Racial Pride, Do Better In School
[DNA] Tracing Your Roots: I Expected African DNA Results. Why are Mine

March 16th, 1758 — Indians attack San Sabá mission
[DNA] links Native Americans with Europeans by Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen
America’s Other Original Sin By Rebecca Onion
The Bureau of Indian Education

[DNA] Chinese women with Jewish roots to make Aliyah
[DNA] Study Shows 20 Percent of Spaniards Have Jewish Ancestors
[DNA] Evidence for Common Jewish Origin and Maintenance of the Ancestral
Genetic Profile
[DNA] The History of the Jews in Syria

Shipwreck believed to be part of Vasco da Gama’s fleet
Radical Theory of First Americans Places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva
20,000 Years Ago
[DNA] Where do Neanderthals come from? Oldest DNA reveals clues.

Personajes que llegaron a México por el Puerto de Veracruz Fray Jacobo
Mi estimado y fino amigo Noble Caballero Don Fernando Muñoz Altea.
Anselmo Vidales Torres, telegraph decoder and/or spy in Mexican
Revolution by Pedro Olivares
1914: Daños a la Escuela Naval de Veracruz
En Recuerdo y Honor de los Hèroes Olvidados de las páginas de la
Historia, 12 y 13 de Marzo ”
Mexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles, and Refugees of the Cristero War by
Julia G. Young
Mariano Gonzalez-Leal’s “Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia.
Teniente Coronel Antonio González Dávila, Héroe de Nuevo León
Matrimonio de D. Adulfo Pedraza Valdèz y Da. Marìa Garza Zozaya
Matrimonio de Don Francisco de Sada y Doña Maria Tomasa Esparza
Matrimonio de Don Francisco Gil de Leyba y Doña Marìa Rosa de Sada
Testigos al ver casar dicho Dn. Po. Godoy, fueron Nicolas Farìas y Diego

Royal Spanish Academy, San Juan, Puerto Rico conference
Historia de Puerto Rico​: Movimiento Reunificación con España
An Unknown Latino Tuskegee Airman Has Been Discovered

Latin American Lawmakers support Israel Unequivocally
La Monja Alférez, Catalina Erauso y Pérez Galarraga
Esto en Los Virreinatos
100 años antes de que llegaran los primeros colonos a EEUUA

Alaska y el Virreinato de la Nueva Espana: Por Luis Ozden

The US and Philippine Presidential Elections in 2016
Tratado de París Año 1898

España estuvo allí – Los españoles en la costa atlántica antes de 1607
List of Counts of Spain:

Sharia Law or One Law for All?
Bible Knowledge to Ponder
The Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires



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