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#SociedadGenealogicaydeHistoriaFamiliardeMexico 33879 Revista Genealogica en linea: Somos Primos July 2016 ​


Hi Benicio for sharing. Hoping that SPAR will be another bridge with Mexico.


#SociedadGenealogicaydeHistoriaFamiliardeMexico 33878 Revista Genealogica en linea: Somos Primos July 2016 ​


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Dear primos, friends, and readers:

On July 4th, we will all be celebrating the birth of our country. As Latinos we should take great pride in our mestizo ancestors who formed the foundation, "the roots" of the nation, 500 years exploring, riding on the backs of their horses.and settling throughout the Americas.

April 10th, 2008, the United States Senate passed a bipartisan bill to make the vision of a National Museum of the American Latino a reality. As we know the Latino museum has not become a physical reality. Sadly, it appears, the direction has been to simply produce a virtual online museum.

However, in 2008, I met Robin Collins who gave me hope. She has real, physical, concrete evidence, living reality of the Spanish/Mexico contributions to the development of the United States in . . . a herd of unique horses in Madera, California.

The DNA of these horse has been studied by universities both in California and Texas, substantiating the entry into the Americas of Spanish horses and their continual presence since then.

Since January of this year, in every issue of Somos Primos I have included information on the importance of the Iberian horse/Wilbur-Cruce under the SPAR initiative, the Spanish Presence in Americas Roots.

In this issue you will read about CAREM, A.C. binational effort to trace the Corridor Stories of Baja and Alta California, in collaboration of a UNESCO, World Heritage Initiative. The goal to identify Camino Real de las Californias as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As readers you know that Somos Primos has been online for 17 years. I have never requested or asked for funds for Somos Primos. My mission has always been to promote the good, positive accomplishments of our community. Last month was the first time that I ask for support and it was for the Heritage Discovery Center and Robin. To those who responded, thank you very much.

Robin Collins, who is not Latino, long ago recognized the nobility, character and usual intelligence of this specific breed. For 26 years she has been dedicated, telling their story to all who would listen. Robin has never received any grants or funds. Relying on her own resources, Robin has cared for the need of her "ponies", 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Because of the drought in California, the herd which has now reached 65 can no longer use natural greenery to feed on. It costs approximately $5,000. a month.

Robin, in great despair said, If the Hispanic community does not invest in preserving these Iberian horses, there will be no recourse but to disband this rare genetic resource, inevitably resulting in the gradual disappearance of these distinct, valuable Iberian horses and a terrible loss of a unique scientific opportunity to study them.

I feel that through DNA research, these horses will greatly clarify the age of exploration, evidence and proof of the contributions made by our Spanish explorers . . with their horses, our ancestors, and will finally receive the respect due them.

Adapted quickly, our indigenous ancestors added the Spanish horse to their communities. To the indigenous the horse became "big dog," their other four-footed companion. The Spanish, indigenous, and horse together shaped the Americas, and profoundly affecting the entire world. That is our history. That is the history of the United States.

This morning I received another bit of information which I found fun and fascinating.
Robin Collin’s birthday is July 4th!!! How about that . . . Send Robin a Happy Birthday message that you care.
The history of the Iberian horse is our history.
Please help save them, and our history which is embedded in their DNA.
Any donation, even a dollar would be appreciated. Thank you . . . Mimi

Heritage Discovery Center, The HDC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.
Partner with Robin Lea Collins, go to,
and send a donation through Paypal or mail to: 40222 Millstream, Madera, 93636.

For further information, contact:
Delia Gonzalez Huffman 317-416-7234 fromhuffman
Robin Collins 559-868-8681 hdcranchodelsueno


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#SociedadGenealogicaydeHistoriaFamiliardeMexico 33876 Huichapan Hidalgo


Gracias Samuel,

Ya vi las imagenes, esas si estan en español. Voy a empezar a revisar

Muchisismas gracias


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Creo que la Gente de USA ni supo que estaban catalogando

dirigete al cuadro

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Hola Samuel,

muchas gracias. Esta como bautizos en el catalogo. Voy a revisar los registros. Muchos saludos.


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Y el libro no es de bautismos es de defunciones, aunque no esta dificl entender lo que dice.

#SociedadGenealogicaydeHistoriaFamiliardeMexico 33873 Mapa Nuevo Leon


Si me sirvio mucho. Muchas gracias.



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Espero te sirva.

JL Montemayor

El 30 de junio de 2016, 4:18, Jose Luis Montemayor <joseluis.montemayor> escribió:

Actualmente Pesquería Grande es García y Chica es Pesquería.

El jun. 29, 2016 11:52 PM, "susana leniski" <susyfarias> escribió:

Hola a todos,

De casualidad alguien tiene un mapa de Nuevo Leon en la epoca Colonial. Estoy buscando poblaciones como Pesqueria Grande y Chica.

Gracias de antemano