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Table of Contents for Somos Primos September 2016

Dear Primos and Friends:

September 15 is the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. Do hope you will take the occasion to share your history in some manner with family and friends.

Somos Primos issues are always packed with lots of heritage and cultural information which can be used as points of conversation for promoting Hispanic Heritage Month.

In addition I invite you to go to a resource designed for use by teachers in the classroom and youth leaders during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Keeping up with the great growing interest in DNA, this issue is particularly full of DNA information. Not only will you find eight articles on human DNA, but also the first assessments of global information on horse DNA which is just beginning to be released from a world-wide study. Somos Primos interest in horse DNA is because our ancestors took those horses all over the world and the horse DNA proves it.

Do look at the listing of the monthly articles published in Somos Primos by educator Dr. Eddie Calderon, Ph.D. Eddie has submitted two articles monthly for the last 5 years on the Philippines and Filipinos. The compilation is a cultural treasure of linguistic, historical, social, and cultural insight. I am proud for Somos Primos to be the home for Eddie’s informative writings.

Thanks to all who who send personal stories, articles, event notices and happenings. Somos Primos is enriched by the great diversity.

Big hug and God Bless, Mimi

1930s Apology Act for Mexican "Repatriation" Commemorative Monument Placed
“CHICANO! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement,” the 1997 four-part PBS documentary
State of the Nation: 9 Graphs
Giving Public Visibility to Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October5
The National NLBWA is Accepting National Board of Directors Nominations to Serve for the 2017-2019
Latinos in the United States live an average of three years longer than Caucasians, Indigenous Connection?
Forgotten History, Mexican-American HS Basketball Team That Ruled Texas In 1940s Lanier San Antonio

The Spanish Presence in Americas Roots, SPAR activities, SPAR . . . A Goal
Promote awareness of the importance of Spain’s global contributions as evident in the history of the horse.
The Development of the horse and the importance of the Wilbur-Cruce by Caroline Baldock
Genetic Time Capsule: Robin Collins and the Rancho del Sueno Wilbur-Cruce herd

US President Andrew Jackson fought for and passed the "Indian Removal Act of 1832".
Youtube: Vietnam…50 years later
US Embassies in Kenay and Tanzania Bombed 18 Years ago, August 7th
"The Last Ones" Children of the 1930’s & 1940’s

How did I ever get so lucky by Paul Trejo?
Nicholas Estavillo, first Hispanic in NYPD to reach 3-Star rank, Chief of Patrol.

Washington’s Secret Ally, An Antonio Express-News, August 21st
David Torado, Presentación del cómic Bernardo de Gálvez en Madrid
September 1779 by Joe Perez

Genealogía de la Familia Michel por Alfredo I. Peña Pérez

Prehistoric DNA challenges established theory of how people first reached the Americas.
Dr. Refugio I. Rochin-Rodriguez, I am much into DNA and ancestry – have been for years.
Dr. C. Campos y Escalante has gathered the newest studies on DNA research in Mexico
Map: Genetic Studies of Mexico
Family History and DNA data Integrates Jose-Maria Merino’s Soul with Peace
Mexico is Home to DNA that’s a World Apart, Study Shows
Great diversity in genetic relationships between Mexico’s indigenous groups
Mexico Genetics Recapitulates Native American Substructure/Affects Biomedical Traits
The genetic impact of aztec imperialism

Spanish Records Extraction Guide
Your Life in Old Pictures!
The Chronicling America website of the Library of Congress

The Fifth-Graders Who Put Mexican Repatriation Back Into History Books
Welcome to the La Red Latina WWW Network
De la Leyenda Negra por Jose Crespo
I’ve learned…. written by Andy Rooney
2016 International Latino Book Award Finalists

September 8, 2016: The 18th International Latino Book Awards Ceremony

2016 International Latino Book Award Finalists
Recommendation from State Board Education Member for Textbook Inclusion in School Curriculum

September 10, 2016, SHHAR: John Schmal: "Finding Your Roots in Mexico"
September 11, 2016, Dia de la Familia, Sigler Park, 1:30 AM 5:30 PM
Westminster Barrio Families by Catalina Vasquez, Frank Mendoza, Ricardo Valverde,
and Albert V. Vela, Sr.
October 1, 2016: 7th Annual Hispanic 100 Foundation Gala

Sept 10: The Los Angeles Latino Book & Family Festival, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes
Oct 1-2: Latino and Latin American Writers Conference, Mount Saint Mary’s University
O.C. Lineage group uncovers Hispanic genealogies rich with detail published twice by LA Times

City of Stockton Breakfast Club Painting Party Fund Raiser
California Peace Award Recipients Luis A. Alejo Salinas
Santa Rosa, CA native Maya DiRado wins Olympic gold in 200-meter backstroke
Pageant of the Masters – Laguna Beach, California by Adam Case
Maria Ygnacia Lopez de Carrillo
General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo y Lugo (4 Jul 1807-18 Jan 1890)

Street Books: Library on Wheels for People Outside by Sybile Penhirin,

Gregorio Cortez, the Myth and the Man by José Antonio López
Sept 11: 50th anniversary of the 1966 Farm Workers Strike and March
Correct name for "El Camino Real de los Tejas" is El Camino Real de Tierra Afuera del Oriente


September 11, 2016: The Laredo Club of San Antonio
September 15: Lois Gibson, Guinness Book of Record’s Most Successful Forensic Artist in the World
Texas Genealogical College is seeking Hispanic nominees for 2016 Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame
Battle of Medina Historical Society to Offer Guided Tours
Texans capture Lipantitlan and disappointed in Grass Fight
August 18th, 1813 — Gutiérrez-Magee expedition squashed in bloodiest Texas battle
Following articles are reprinted from El Mesteño by permission of Editor/Publisher Homero S. Vera
Cuidad Camargo established March 5th, 1749 by Captain-General Jose de Escandon
Ranchos in Duval County
Clovis School, Tienditas, Texas
El Mesteño, the History, Mission and TOHA Community History Award, 2002
Save The Date – Tricentennial Symposium 2017

Ray Padilla from Kansas, Memory 2

September 10, Black National Activist Produces Blue Lives Matter Rally
September 10, 2016: The Founding of St. Augustine Heritage Event
September 15th-25th, 2016: A Puro Tango, Direct from Colombia to New York

Rosenwald Schools Enews, August 2016

A Long History of Treaties
Raiding Comanches soundly defeated at Plum Creek
The Horrific Sand Creek Massacre Will Be Forgotten No More
Carlos Montezuma: Changing is Not Vanishing, Illinois1867
United States map of indigenous tribes by name

Rabbi in El Paso helps Sephardics Discover their ancient history
Crypto Jews and What makes a Jew by Ray Padilla.
August 7-12: The Converso Project, Seattle, Washington
Recently Discovered Ball Of Yarn Is Older Than Jesus

A Mayan astronomer figured out Venus’s orbit more than 1,000 years ago
Archaeologists just uncovered one of the biggest Mayan tombs ever
Recently Discovered Ball Of Yarn Is Older Than Jesus

"El Camino Real de los Tejas," The Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH)
Mexican Women You Need to Know About
UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE: El acueducto del Padre Tembleque
Colonial Mexico by Richard Perry in Blog
Revista Social Militar de Arte y Variedades, Guadalajara, Septiembre 1924

Caribbean Region
Fundación De Santo Domingo De Guzmán

La inmigración Española y Europea en la Argentina
Más del 10 por ciento de la población iberoamericana desciende de nobles, según experto
Una Pregunta . . . ¿Por qué Latinoamérica no ha sido tan próspera como Estados Unidos?

I am Chamorro . . . Yo Soy Chamorro

Half a Decade of Writing for the Somos Primos Magazine by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.

Interchange between Spain and Mexico Increasing
Los Musulmanes no tienen derecho a nada en Tierra Santa
Influence on my Religious Beliefs, Vol 3 Spain: Christianity under the Rule of Islam
by Refugio Salinas Fernandez
10 Overlooked Facts about The Spanish Reconquest by Benjamin Welton

Américo Vespucio
La Historia de España ha sido pisoteada



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