#Genealogia.org.mx 34157 Colaboracion de Crispin Rendon: Kindred Group 2016 Genealogy Year End Report


Crispin Rendon, te dice algo este nombre: Amado Rendón Reyna

Gracias por tu atención.

Estela Lopez Perez

2017-01-03 14:30 GMT-06:00 Sociedad Genealogica y de Historia Familiar de Mexico – Presidencia <genealogia.org.mx>:

This email is going out to the 968 people found in my genealogy address books (Kindred Group).

Kindred Group 2016 Genealogy Year End Report

Database growth has started to slow. The kindred group database has grown to over 412,000 records, up 37,000 records from the year 2015. Most of the new records come from the research required to produce the Families of Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon series which will be posted in 2017. Some database records came from family trees submitted in return for ancestor reports. I very much enjoy creating them. Thanks to all of you that referred your friends. Those reports ranged in size from a 5 generation report to a 18 generation 397 page book. The number of ancestor reports/books grew from 78 in 2013 to 129 in 2014 to 141 in 2015 to 154 in 2016. Some ancestor books were converted from English into Spanish.

The Annual Kindred Group mtDNA Report, posted in April, expanded and with interest should continue to do so. There is more funding than needed candidates. A new report will be out this coming April. As you probably know I do this research because I enjoy it not for money. Some un-named people sent me unsolicited money again this year. Those funds were use for mtDNA testing. There are more funds in a Kiva account for when the need arrives. Until then, much of those funds are helping Mexican businesswomen obtain loans.

Monthly Free online ebooks in 2016 at times exceeded the website monthly traffic limit. Older volumes were removed and that will continue to allow for new books.

January: Lampazos, Nuevo Leon,Volume 1

February: Lampazos, Nuevo Leon,Volume 2

March: Lampazos, Nuevo Leon,Volume 3

April: Lampazos, Nuevo Leon,Volume 4

May: Lampazos, Nuevo Leon, Volume 5

June: Garcia, Nuevo Leon Volume 1

July: Garcia, Nuevo Leon Volume 2

August: Garcia, Nuevo Leon Volume 3

September: China, Nuevo Leon Volume 1

October: China, Nuevo Leon Volume 2

November: China, Nuevo Leon, Volume 3

December: China, Nuevo Leon, Volume 4

The We Are Cousins DNA project has grown to 372 members. If you have already tested either YDNA or MtDNA with FamilyTreeDNA please consider joining. This project is for anyone in our kindred group with ancestors from the Mexican States of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon or Tamaulipas. It is free and easy to join if you can remember you Kit number and password. His is a link to the site. To join, click on the red button.

We Are Cousins DNA Project


Thank you all for your support.

As Always,

Crispin Rendon



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