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Dear Primos, family, and friends:

September 2017 will surely be a year not to be forgotten. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes broke alarmingly destructive records along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic seacoasts. So much loss. So much tragedy. Prognosis for Puerto Rico economic future is dire. Mexico’s earthquake(s), the worse in a century. A strange coincidence on September 1985, Mexico suffered an earthquake which took the lives of 10,000.

It is too early to assess the damage of life and property to all the locations, hit by the action of an explosive, angry weather, expressing it’s very uncontrollable self. . . among our primos.

Hopefully we will all find a way to help in some way . . . . through our church, service organization, or individually.
If you have a warm bed and a roof over your head, you are blessed.

Abrazos, Mimi

The Voice of “El Pueblo”: Reies López Tijerina by Jose Antonio Lopez
The Voces Oral History Project: Defend the Honor: ten years later
Sept 9th: 19th International Latino Book Awards
KCAL to kick-off Hispanic Heritage Month with the Random Act of Mendez Project
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: A Resource for Community and Classroom Use by Mimi Lozano
Fact Tank: Our Lives in Numbers, How the US. Hispanic Population is Changing by Antonio Flores
Dr. Hector P. Garcia Day in Texas by Wanda Garcia
National Hispanic Heritage Month 2017 Theme: "Shaping the Bright Future of America" by Juana Bordas
Looking to 2018: An idea to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by Margarito J. Garcia, Ph.D.
Really American: Keith Nguyen
Memories of the 1954 Laredo, Texas Flood by Gilberto Quezada
Report: Army ends enlistment contracts for foreign-born recruits by Kyle Rempfer
In attacking Columbus, Antifa tries to finish what the Klan started
Jefferson y Fray Junipero Serra por Francisco Javier Vallaure de Acha
Protestors for Hire
Never Forget: The 5 Lessons We Should Have Learned From 911
Afraid of the "Islamophobia" Label, Teachers Avoid 9/11 Lessons
United Nations Relief & Work Agency textbooks for Palestinians demonize Israel and Jews by Danielle Ziri
Mexican diplomat Gilberto Bosques: The diplomat who saved 40,000 lives
The End of Prayer Shaming video by High School
So you want to take a knee by Oscar Ramirez
Photo: Real Men Taking a KneeSpanish Presence in the Americas’ Roots
Future of the Wilbur-Cruce Colonial Spanish horse in the Americas by Ann Troutner (Ana Trucha)
El que tenga valor que me siga: En vida de Bernardo de Galvez by Eduardo Garriguesr Historic Tidbits
Republic of Texas colony holds election, September 12, 1844
April 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the U.S.’s entry into World War I.

Hispanic Leaders
CAPT. Richard L. Whynot, USCG (RET.)
Jose Ramos, a Purple Heart recipient and longtime Vietnam veterans advocate, dead at 68American Patriots
USNS: Cesar Chavez (T-AKE-14)
These soldiers can no longer stand up for our National Anthem
In honor of America’s military heroes, resources compiled in support by Amanda BartowEarly American Patriots
The de Riberas, Chapter Nineteen-The War of 1812 by Michael S. Perez
Civil War Reenactment Cancelled for Safety Reasons by Paul Bois

Latino Studies at Austin Embraces the Americas
UCI sanctions student Palestinian group for disrupting Israeli event on campus
Hillsdale College and Free Online Courses Teach Americanisms
Countdown to CollegeReligion
A Catholic School in California Removes statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus
Western Heritage and The Hebrew legacy and emergence of Christianity
E​l​ verdadero origen de los tacos de carnitas mexicanos !
How Much Spanish Can An Italian Understand?
Today, Google September 7th launched, Google Arts & Culture: Latino Cultures in the US

Not Getting Stuck: Success Stories Being Latina & Transferring from a CCC by Lily E. Espinoza
Interview of author Isabel Delia Gonzalez, Breaking and Bleeding of a Macho Man by Mimi Lozano
Mexican-Origin Foods, Foodways, and Social Movements, edited by:
Devon G. Pena, Luz Calvo, Pancho McFarland, and Gabriel R. Valle
Feathered Serpent Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico by David Bowles
Latina Style Digital Magazine
NALIP is thrilled to announce the We Are Inclusion Campaign

Surname: Corona Páez

DNA: New Native American Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups by Roberta EstesFamily History
“d” by Pat Sajak
How to request copies of naturalization records
FamilySearch Digital Records Access Replacing Microfilm
Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars for October 2017
New Historic Records on FamilySearch
Orange County, CA
October 14: SHHAR: John Schmal, "Los Fundadores de Mexico"
October 14: Mendez Museum Without Walls Presents: Fiesta Mendez
In Costa Mesa, California, ‘Real Women’ have grueling, yet gratifying lives by Eric Marchese
Artifacts preserve memories of Orange’s history as a rancho
Anaheim Schools to study historical novel: "Into the Beautiful North" by Luis Alberto Urrea
Oct 20th deadline to apply: Wallace (Wally) R. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
November 18: Letty Rodella, Researching Your Hispanic Ancestors

Los Angeles County, CA
Sept 10th: The Latino Book and Family Festival
September 29- October 22: The Uncensoring of L.A. History: A Mexican Perspective
L.A. Celebrated the 236th Anniversary of Its Founding With a Festival Downtown
For the First Time Ever, the Vincent Price Art Museum Has a Latinx Director
What were the Zoot Suit Riots? by Evan Andrews
The Los Angeles City Council bans Columbus Day, echoing the Ku Klux Klan

Rafael Jesús González: 1st Poet Laureate of Berkeley
October 7th: Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival
Oct 7-8th: Battle of Dominguez Hill
1769 "Soldados de Cuera" Commemorative Plaque
Talking sense into the California Board of Education: Mission Impossible
Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job
Gaspar de Portola

Pan-Pacific Rim
National Pacific Islander Education Network, NPIEN
U.S. allowed limited numbers of Spanish and Portuguese immigrants into Hawaii, 1907-1920

Northwestern US
Student finds ancient Canadian village that’s 10,000 years older than the Pyramids, by Leanna GarfieldSouthwestern US
Welcome to the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson Museum
AARP AZ Radio: Climate, Copper, Cattle, Citrus, and Cotton: Early Arizona’s economy

October 28, 2017: 29th Annual Seguin Celebration, speaker, Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm
Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo
Battle of Medina History Symposium
September 1, 1863 – Benavides crosses Rio Grande in pursuit of Mexican "Unionists"
The Texas Almanac 2018-2019 is now available
Three Books on Texas Shipbuilding during WWI
Tejanos Through TimeMiddle America
1817-2017 Baton Rouge Louisiana 200 Year Celebration
Marche de Galvez! Festive re-enactment
October in the City – The Learning Years (1952) Rudy Padilla
Contrasts in Education – from the Past by Rudy Padilla
Cislanderus Project: Canary Islander descendants in the United States
East Coast
The Founding of the Castillo de San Marcos, October 2, 1672
Estados Unidos borra a Cristóbal Colón

Caribbean Region
Puerto Rico’s Agriculture and Farmers Decimated
by Maria by Frances Robles and Luis Ferre-Sadrni

August 30th, 1956 — Mob masses at Mansfield
Black in Latin America: PBS Documentary
It’s Hard to Look Back: America’s First Slavery Museum by Brian Boucher

Indigenous Jalisco: From the Spanish Contact to 2010 by John P. SchmalSephardic
Three articles from The Sephardi World Weekly of the American Sephardi Federation:
Nosotros: Strengthening Bonds Between Jewish and Latino Communities
Take a walk through Sephardic Montreal’s illustrious history on a new urban tour by Julie Masis
How I Bore You On Eagles Wings – A Reminder of Our Humanity by Shahar Azani

Lakes of mercury and human sacrifices – after 1,800 years, Teotihuacan reveals its treasures
Viking skeleton’s DNA test proves historians wrong by Natalie O’NeillMexico
One of the most powerful earthquakes ever to strike Mexico Struck at 11:49 p.m. Thursday, September 7th
On this day in September 19, 1985, a powerful earthquake struck Mexico City
When the Mind of the Crowd Takes Over the Mind of the Individual, the Human Spirit Shines
By Sonny Boy Arias +Armando Rendon
The African Connection to Mexico’s War of Independence by Dan Arellano
Doug Perkins, grandson of photographer Robert Runyon, clarifies Mexican battle dates, not 1846, but 1912.
De Zacatecas o de Ohio: Tomás Alva Edison por Leticia Frias
Arts of Colonial Mexico, Richard Perry
Defunciones de los Capitanes don Josè Ma. Flon y don Miguel Ma. Blanco Investigò:
Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret. Ricardo R. Palmerìn Cordero.

Central & South America
Mayan Culture Meets Haute Couture
Voices and colors of Latin America, Concert for AyotzinapaPhilippines
Thanks for sharing you memorable experience of the past.
La época de Isabel II (1833-1868) y el final del siglo XIX
The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain by Giulio Meotti
¿Sabes cual es el pais que más veces ha sido invadido en la historia?
La Otra Globalización: La Expansión Universal de la Civilización Hispáanica
por Antonio de Mendoza Casas

The Forgotten History of the Neapolitan ‘Kindergarten Ship’ by Anika Burgess
6,000-year-old wine storage jars found in a Sicilian cave by Jason Daley
La increíble historia de Pedro Páez, el primer europeo en ver el nacimiento del Nilo azul.
Who Really died at Auschwitz? by Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez


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