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Estimado Moises,
Great website, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. I´ve been doing historical/genealogy research for 20 years and I´m quite familiar with many of your listings. It is always good to see other people sharing their findings. One of these days I will forward you my sources to complement yours for posterity.
One comment, of the name of your ancestor Xptobal. During the Spanish viceroyalty period (they were not colonies like the English colonies…) functionaries issuing documents quite often used abbreviations such as Ma. for Maria; A-so. for Alonso and Xtobal for Cristobal, etc. You should correctly use Cristobal since that is what it means the shorthand. Unfortunately nowadays many Civil Registry officials lack this knowledge and when confronted with an "old" document they transcribe it "as is", the same happens when read by non-native Spanish speakers.
They also used abbreviations for many other expressions like vo.bo. and a signature for visto bueno (OK) and many more– not to mention in Latin in church records. It could be challenging for non-native Spanish speakers not familiar with this shorthand used in the past.

I am a frequent contributor to Somos Primos and would hope that someone is planning on continuing Mimi´s great effort.
Best regards,
Carlos Campos y Escalante

La lectura cura la peor de las enfermedades humanas, "la ignorancia".

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