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Thanks for the info, I’ll have to try and take a look at what these universities hold.

Anyway, I’m trying to locate two dispensas mentioned in your book "Marriages of Monclova, Coahuila" under numbers 281 and 282:

281. 7 January 1746. Pedro Javier Ramón and Beatriz Flores de Ábrego. Dispensation granted.

282. 7 January 1746. Miguel Ramón and Petra Flores de Ábrego. Dispensation granted.

They are not included in "Sagrada Mitra…" or in the indexes at "Guadalajaradispensas.com" and "Guadalajaradispensas.tumblr.com".

Could you please check if they are included in "Indes to the marriage investigations…"?

If they aren’t, then I’ll have to wait for the digitalization of the "Investigaciones Matrimoniales" of Monclova to be comleted and available to researchers.

And, for my records, could you please send me an image of the information from Villaldama concerning the marriage of José Falcón with Dominga Martínez?



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I haven’t tried it, but what kind of Info do you know they have?

I’ve been looking for a used copy of the "Index of Marriage Investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara" with no luck. I know the Public Library in San Antonio holds a copy but if there is a copy in Monterrey it would be better. I have resorted to reading the Dispensas at familysearch.org directly with the help of guadalajaradispensas.com, guadalajaradispensas.tumblr.com or reading an extract with the help of a digital copy of the "Sagrada Mitra" book.



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Hi Bernardo

Have you tried the University in Monterrey?


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