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La lectura cura la peor de las enfermedades humanas, "la ignorancia".
Reading cures the worst of human diseases "Ignorance"

I agree with you Mimi,

Here we go again, more Black Legend ! Blame the Spanish for slavery …. we may as well blame them for the hurricanes.
Every society in the world has had a period of slavery, so it is not a unique Anglo-American experience, it is just the most recent !
Certainly the Spanish had some but never on the industrial scale of Anglo-America and maybe also Brazil (strange that we never hear about the Portuguese slavery in Brazil).

The Africans came as well from societies that enslaved and sold them to the Portuguese and British. Does anyone blame those Africans that first profited from the original capture and sale?
The Aztecs enslaved the Tlaxcalans, Otomi, Cholulteca, Totonaca, the Xochimilca and many other MesoAmerican nations. Does anyone blame the Aztecs for it?? They call traitors nowadays to those tribes/nations that became allies of the Spanish to end their slavery by the Aztecs! Where is the congruence in their statements?
The Muslims enslaved European Christians in Northern Africa and the Mediterrenean (yes, white slaves)…. and many other examples.
As despicable as it is, if one is to write about any topic such as this one the author should present the facts and documentation, otherwise it is an opinion. If it has a catchy title it is most likely propaganda and since it is likely against the Spanish then it is Black Legend! (unless proven otherwise).

Sorry to see that, it could have been a great topic of enormous importance. An in-depth well documented article about this topic is long overdue!
Hopefully, someone will suggest it to the author….
Saludos cordiales,

On Tue, 28 Jul 2020 at 21:13, mimilozano via Genealogía de México – Genealogia-Mexico> wrote:

John . . as I recall . . . the African slaves fled from the British to freedom at Spanish Fort Moses (spl).
I seem to remember including an article in Somos Primos about that history.

Sugar cane workers in the Caribbean islands were perhaps slaves but sugar cane was for rum and it was the English who produced and sold rum to Europe. The English also traded with hemp and produced tobacco. Those were plantation economies . . .

The Spanish had a ranch style of economy, raising cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. Those do not require the man power . . . which raising sugar cane, tobacco and hemp require.

Yes . . the Portuguese were involved in slave trade, but again, they were best known for their sheep tending economy.

There were probably some slaves among the early Spanish colonizers, but I would think VERY few. Those ships were small, they brought their own horses, and were responsible for their own equipment. I would think only the wealthy would bring A slave with them, and most of the Spanish soldiers were not of the landed-Spanish wealthy.

h u m m m . . .


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