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Genealogía de México 32366 Somos Primos October 2013 157th Online Issue oct13/spoct13.htm


Please cut and paste:

Note, the Table of Content is also included on the bottom of the issue.

Dear Primos and friends:

If you missed the first four hours of Latino Americanos, please don’t miss the last two hours of the 6-hour documentary. It will air Tuesday, October 1st. It is excellent.

Latino Americanos successfully gives a broad overview of our very diverse population, sharing the emotional consequences experienced by Latinos from different parts of the US. Important historic points were made by the facts, which should help all Latinos/Hispanics to understand one another better. To most non-Hispanics it will surely be an eye-opener. A CD of Latino Americanos will be available, and materials for the classroom have been developed.

Congratulations to John Valadez and the other documentarians. They certainly did their homework!! They shared with us a more honest view of the Latinos experience in the United States, showing us to be a part of American history.

As more and more organizations, government and public agencies, universities, libraries, museums, cultural groups, non-profits, individuals, etc. etc. are informing the public of their activity and services to the Latino community, I am feeling less and less the need to include in Somos Primos some of the topics and areas which I have been attempting to cover since January 2000. Thankfully, we now have an abundance of outstanding informative websites, particularly on issues of current events, and, even better, they are set up to get the information out quickly, plus all the social networking is promoting wonderful genealogical connections.

Consequently, Somos Primos will be concentrating:
(1) more and more on sharing your personal stories and little known history.
(2) on including information about an event after it takes place, with photos and comments. Your personal stories and special events, whether a festival, an honoring event, or a family reunion, then become > digitized archived history.

You have life incidences that shaped you, amused you, taught you. Please write them down and share them. What you valued in your life is valuable. Your life mattered, share it for the benefit of all of us.
Sincerely, Mimi

P.S.: A resource for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month,

Latino Americans Documentary By Mary McNamara
Latino Americans Screening By Daisy Wanda Garcia
Calif State University, Fullerton, CA Lecturer’s Song Leads Education Campaign
The National Park Service by Kirk Johnson, September 5, 2013
Dallas Mexican-Americans remember the JFK years, surveillance by FBI
Dr. Deborah Berebichez, a Wise Latina by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
El Movimiento, How Latino Americans Fought for Civil Rights By Esther J. Cepeda
Latino 101: The Hispanic Heritage of the United States
La contribución hispana al desarrollo de los Estados Unidos de América Por José Antonio Crespo-Francés*

City of Stanton’s Proclamation celebrating Historical Hispanic Heritage
Soledad Mexian, Mexican-American supercentenarian was fifth-oldest living person
Latino Americans, The 500-Year Legacy That Shaped a Nation by Ray Suarez
Look for Presidential Proclamation
Our America is Upon Us!

Olive Street Reunion at Sigler Park in Westminster, California
Latino Americans Project
Paco Ignacio Taibo II on the Many Myths of the Alamo
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Newsletter

Napoleon Invented Modern Idea of Public Relations by Monica Showalter
Propaganda: Key to the Communist Takeover In Russia by Monica Showalter

Jessie Lopez De La Cruz, 1919 – September 4, 2013 at 93 years
Bea Franco, 1920 – August 2013 at 92 years
Edna Cisneros Carroll, February 2, 1930 to July 26, 2013 at 83

Cartoon: Happy Labor Day by Sergio Hermandez
U.S. Employment Change From December 2007
"Paraíso": Immigrant window cleaners’ work on Chicago’s skyscrapers.
Immigrant fights to become California lawyer
Fighting Discrimination and Hate Crimes for 45 Years by Rosie Carbo
65 Years Later, a Memorial Gives Names to Crash Victims
Loretta Sanchez Bill Targets Visa Overstays
Charley Reese’s Final column! 545 vs. 300,000,000 People
What’s The Dumbest Thing You Could Say To A Congresswoman
Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was LEGAL
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jennifer Ng’andu, Director, Health and Civil Rights and Policy Projects, NCLR
Ph.D. in Weed: Meet Israel’s cannabis scientist
Women in Chiapas are endangered by the patriarchal beliefs of Mexican society.
Demand a Townhall
National Trust for Historic Preservation seeks historic sites
Recognize The Borinqueneers Ahora!

The first Spanish newspaper in Texas
New Literary Magazine, Huizache
Historia de Lepe en comic

Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships, edited by Adriana V. Lopez
The Power of Latino Leadership by Juana Bordas
Almost White: Forced Confessions of a Latino in Hollywood by Rick Najera
Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers

Century of Valor, Korean War 1950-1953 by Rogelio C. Rodriguez
Hear Roy Benavidez Tell Own Story
Delta Airlines Employees Honor Our Fallen Warriors
College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative for US Coast Guard
Photos: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII
Puerto Rican officers trained the Tuskegee Airman
Congressional Gold Medal Sought for the 65th Infantry Regiment
Remember Pearl Harbor by Maria G. Benitez
Mural Honors World War II veterans
Horses and Heroes

José de Escandón – Father of the Lower Rio Grande Valley by Norman Rozeff
August 17, Ganaderos y Damas de Galvez, Witte Museum in San Antonio by Joe Perez
Oct. 25 – Oct. 27th, Order of the Founders of North America 1492-1692
The Ships, the Seamen, the Naval Battles of the American Revolution by LTC Jack Cowan
The History of Las Comadres Para Las Americas ~ Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Ph.D.
The Power of Latino Leadership, Culture, Inclusion, and Contribution by Juana Bordas

White Boys, Songs Mexican Songs
Las “Hermanitas Gonzalez”
How Pantelion Sparked a Spanish-Language Breakout at the Box Office (Video)
Nov 1, 8 pm: Dia de los Muertos – Honoring Mexico’s Singers and Composers

The National Latino & American Indian Scholarship Directory
Stolen Education
3rd Biennial Policy Summit on Latino Higher Education
Latino Education: The Dream by Manuel Hernandez Carmona
After a Recent Upswing, College Enrollment Declines

Fernandez/Salinas/Fernandes Genealogical Meeting
27 July 2013, Corpus Christi, Texas


Beginnings by Margarita B. Velez
Lorenzo Lozano as a Villista, Part 2 by Christina Lozano Martinez
Las Comais by Esmeralda Santiago
The Red-Striped Dress by Juana Bordas
La Migra Encounters with the Border Patrol by Raul Garza
Peach Fuzz by Ben Romero

FamilySearch Grupos – Expanol, Mexico sent by Jose Roman Gonzalez Lopez
Maria Louisa Romero, Born in Solano New Mexico by Anne Bronco
Death of Petronila Contreras, My great grandmother by Georgiann Hernandez

Oct 12: SHHAR Monthly Meeting, John P. Schmal, Exploring Indigenous Roots
Oct 26: El Vento Foundation
The Village Observer

Passing the Centarian Age – What’s it like? by Sylvia Contreras
Folding Back the Layers of California’s Latino/a History, the Stories Beneath the Stories
October 9, 2013: Reframing the Latino Immigration Debate: Towards a Humanistic Paradigm

Los Californianos to visit the Heritage Discovery Center, Oct 26th
Oct 3: Sutro Library
Photo: Maria Filomena Hernandez de Tapia
Oct 19, 2013, Dedication party planned for the new Tongva Tribe City Park,
Juana Briones – San Francisco’s founding mother by Gary Kamiya
Times Finding a Place in History by Martha Groves
My Family Yorba-Peralta-Farias and Talamantes By Eva Materna Booher
Everything Comes From The Streets

Museums of Early Mormon History in Mexico City and Provo, Utah
The Day Japan Bombed Brooking’s, Oregon by Norm Goyer

Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico
Review of State Archives, Marriage in New Mexico Exhibit of 2005 by Felicia Lujan

Oct. 5th: Los Dias de los Muertos, Omahas – Stories by Heart
October 19th, Creole West Productions
Fiesta Mexicana: Genealogy
Creole Heritage Center, Northwestern State University, Louisiana
Extract from Remedies and Lost Secrets of St. Bernard’s Isleños by Cecile Jones Robin

Oct. 13: Texas Before the Alamo Documentary
Oct. 11-13: Texas State Hispanic Genealogy Conference in Victoria
Oct. 25-27th: Histravaganza!
October 26, 2013, Play: "Seguin Loves Texas"
50th Year Anniversary of JFK’s visit with LULAC
My Great-Grandfather William Chamberlain by Ignacio Pena
Former Floating Texas Capitol Sold
Mikaela Garza Selley, Hispanic Archivist Has Big Job Ahead of Her
New Alamo Exhibit details birth of Spanish Texas
Descendants of the inhabitants of Mission Concepcion Sought
Maria Calvillo petitions Mexican government for ranch title
First Annual Commemoration of our Chicano Legacy, Crystal City, Zavala County

Exploring Colonial Mexico
Los Cristeros (1926 – 1940) en sus dos Etapas
List of the 12 families who volunteered to move to Agualeguas to establish a church and community.

Research below by Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret. Ricardo R. Palmerín Cordero.
Descendiente de Cristóbal Colón en Nueva España (México)
En Recuerdo de los Heroes Olvidados
Libro de Bautismos de la Villa de San Fernando de Austria, Zaragoza, Coah.
Dona Juana de los Rios
Recordando a los Héroes
En Honor y Recuerdo de los Héroes

Forum for Native Americans and their Friends in the Nation
US Overhauls Process for Recognizing Indian Tribes by Michael Melia
The Arapaho Kid by Patricia Dunson Smith

Archaeologist Uncover Oldest Home in Amazon Nearly 3,000 Years-Old

Los Sefardíes Los Sefardíes by Ángel Custodio Rebollo Barroso
Eydie Gormé, the sweet bane of my Puerto Rican childhood by Patricia Guadalupe
Touro Synagogue: 250 Years in the Making

Book About Black Millionaires Contains Great Advice For All People by Walter E. Williams

La Florida (Forever®) stamps

Cuban Heritage Collection digitizes Junta Provincial de Matanzas records

Peace Corps Days in Narino, Columbia by Refugio "Will" Rochin
They Fear Us Because We’re Fearless: Reclaiming Indigenous Lands and Strength in Honduras By Beverly Bell and Tory Field

A Philippine Beauty is Miss Supranational in 2013 by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.
Birthday Celebrations in the Month of October by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.
The First Filipino Resident of California by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Pasodoble Islas Canarias (Los Sabandenos)
La genealogía desde las Islas Canarias
Sonia Meza y IMediagen
Spanish Women as Settlers

Vladimir Putin’s Shortest Speech
Denmark-Forward Thinking for Survival
Europe: Treating Homeschool

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